3v3 after 5v5

But in 3v3 you get 3v1 ganks when your allies invade. The big difference is that your allies get opportunities to push other lanes while enemy ganks.

5v5 seems much better. I will probably main Ozo for his mobility…

Timecap other modes?
What would be the win/score criteria?

But it’s not? Thats what I’m saying, with all the damage increases from 5v5 it has decreased the time 3v3 takes on average, at least from my games over played. The shorter speed is almost uncanny to me where it almost feels disturbing. 3v3 will pretty much die out if SEMC decides to spend more focus on 5v5, that’s just pretty much the nature of it.

no time cap, but those could be the average times for these modes.
of course they could go on longer.

i doubt anyone would want a hard time cap on anything else than blitz or onslaught.

yes. its sad, but that is going to happen.
thats why i would let the 3v3 fill a different role. its no longer the standard and it will never be it, but it could be a good place to learn the basics of this game without the nasty talents.

My tiny issue I see with this is that, though it would be a good training area the mentality is going through both games would essentially be different. Using a small grid for 3v3 may actually hurt interactions in 5v5 that require much wider coordination and strategy.

Is funny forums just called you inconsiderate haha.

I think I saw Nivmett say it would take time and more resources but it is a possibility. I honestly see no chance of 3 v 3 surviving until the balancing is split.

i get you. i would have loved for 3v3 to stay as it was before the health mess up, but that is not going to happen.
@Nikhil21 they wont split balancing unless it is really necessary. two different set of balances also means that the player need to keep track of two different iterations of a hero or item. this could turn out to be just too much for the average vg player.

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It will simply be separate. I don’t know if 5v5 ranked will come immediately. Other MOBAs have popular 3v3 and 5v5 modes. However, 5v5 seems a bit overdone compared to 3v3. That is good for 5v5, but not for 3v3.

The thing is that’s completely obvious.
Have you ever played against a five man party and had four people gank you at level 1 because you’re the only Vainglorious player in your team? It’s so nasty.

It kind of depends.

I have limited blocks of time to play. When a match takes 38 minutes instead of 20 it makes a huge difference to me.

I hate all the brawl modes though

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well, so far all the 5v5 games i had are 30+ min. its just so hard to get your team to close out the game when the two dragons arent on.
and some people seem to think they have to destroy all three armories to end the game, but you only need one.
i jope this changes as a meta starts to develop

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Imagine all the new players reading lore be like “Wait, what’s this Halcyon Fold? Don’t the mean Sovereign’s Rise?”