3v3 after 5v5

So… with Sovereign’s Rose coming out(AKA 5V5), I have been wondering about the future of 3v3.

No doubt that with all the 5v5 hype, 3v3 will eventually be forgotten, unless SEMC does something about it.

A couple of my ideas are to: Make rank matches available only in 3v3; keep BRAWL modes only in 3v3; etc.

I don’t want VG to become a 5v5 place where 12-year old children bicker like in MLBB… (seriously though, it’s ridiculous)
And sooner or later(rather later) SEMC prolly will make some things a little… pricey.

So… any ideas to keep the Halcyon Fold alive?

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Sadly none, most of the players and tons of new players always wanted 5vs5. This is the popular and a lot more strategic mode. No doubt there were players that wanted to play exactly 3vs3 and still wants to do so, but the future is 5vs5.

SEMC didn’t even want to go that way, but after loosing tons of possible profit and going slowly downhill in player base - they made the only viable choice.

While I like 3vs3, I can’t deny that 5vs5 will turn out to be a lot more deep and potent for things to try out. Also I am sure that drafts will be more interesting as hard counterplay is a lot harder. For example, if you end up on the top line vs countering hero, you can switch lane with other hero and so on. Simple example, but the mechanical skill of given individual while important will not be the only factor ingame after the draft factor. Not to mention how many strategies can be think of.

We will see, but I am sure if you are good enough and when ranked is out (and this will be sooner than later) - you will be high enough to not have 12 years old and if one of such age is into your game, his place and gameplay will be on the right spot.

Cheers. :slight_smile:

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I just hope they can make more heroes!

Normally they release a new hero every month, the only exception is actually January because of the 5vs5. I am sure they will continue to do that and even go as far as two heroes per month if they can.

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I’m not so sure I even like 5v5. I’d go back to 3v3 … but they kinda ruined it by tuning heroes so extreme for 5v5. Cath was my goto Captain - she is nerfed so hard as to be unplayable in 3v3. She basically doesn’t even really have a stun now (.7 sec is NOTHING - just ask Layla).

Oh well maybe will play 5v5 as Varya, she is hopelessly, stupidly OP there - her ult can effectively neuter AND damage and entire 5 person team for like 4 seconds (exactly what they didn’t want from Cath, but you get it worse from Varya).

No doubt
At this time, all smec attention are poured into 5v5 only. Balancing, items, bug fixes are all around 5v5. They are assuming that what work in 5v5 gonna working in 3v3 too. With just this thing alone, we can conclude that 3v3 will dies out or treated just like a brawl mode. And don’t even think about rank is just exclusive in 3v3. Surely it’s imposible.

I’m sad about what’s happening to 3v3 also. It’s unique, beautiful, and has been fine-tuned into the most balanced MOBA I’m aware of – on any platform.

The “rebalancing” for 5v5 is wrecking 3v3’s careful tuning.

I agree that the move toward 5v5 is inevitable, as that’s what most players seem to want, and SEMC would be fools to ignore that. But I’m not sure 3v3 will ever be the game it was.


I actually prefer 3v3 and the way it’s strategy occurs. IMO, it allows an individual player to shine much more than in 5v5, and that’s not because of the number of players.

Due to the design of 5v5, mechanics… well, they’re don’t really matter. As long as you can play the character pretty well, you’re golden. What actually matters is rotations, vision and taking fights. What I dislike about this so much is that there are tons of things the opponents can do specifically to negate mechanical skill, and it’s straight up frustrating. I’m talking about those Captains/Junglers who camp a lane, those rotations that cause four members of the enemy team to approach you as a singular top laner, and basically what I’m saying is GET OUT OF MY LANE I WANT TO 1v1

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Sooner or later they will delete casual and rank 3v3, newest update is all about balancing in 5v5

they wont delete it, but it will not be as popular anymore and getting a good 3v3 game at the highest levels will be nearly impossible.

Until 3 v 3 and 5 v 5 balancing is split 3 v 3 will have unbalanced matchups.

As long as the heros stats and abilities are same across its safe to say the emphasis is on making 5 v 5 as balanced as possible, with less importance given to 3 v 3.

they wont split it. niv already said that this would increase the storage space of the game and they would have to do double the balancing work.

and think about what happens when we get a 5v5 brawl mode. they cant balance the talents on 3v3 only as is. this would be a nightmare

The problem is that they made a claim to make 5v5 the new fast paced game of MOBAs. But with such a large map and with a multitude of objectives to keep track of, the only way they can back their claims is to ramp up damage and snowballing mechanics. It was already intense enough as it was back in 3v3, but with the new boosts it’s almost a bit too fast. Brawl modes are pretty much determined at the two minute mark. And with everyone running around in standard 3v3 like they’re taking caffeine shots it’s gotten way much more hectic than most people would care for.
Essentially, they can’t make a fast 5v5 without causing issue to all their other game modes, so either they tweak it back down or they continue onwards with more focus on 5v5 more than anything.

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5v5 still takes way longer than i expected. at least right now.
i think they can speed the 5v5 up by incresing levelling and gold gain compared to the 3v3 standard.
this would also not affect the other game modes.

5v5 now is actually about where 3v3 was when they started in terms of time. Due to several heavy updates as the years progressed 3v3 gradually got a bit faster, but now it’s really accelerated up to the point where it’s almost scary.

actually, why not speed it up more?
5 min blitz
7 min br
15 min 3v3
25 min 5v5
so you choose depending on the time you have available. it would also help to distinguish 3v3 from 5v5.

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Because Vainglory is, at its core, still a battle arena. Not much of a point to determine item paths and team comps if the winner is determined in 5 minutes. Might as well be a card game then if you wish to go faster

true, but that is more an issue of balancing. the time a game takes is simply a question of how long the developers want it to be.
and vg had its share of patches were the winner was determined after the first teamfight.

aov has showed that even a 12 min 5v5 can be successfull. its also still a battle arena, though they have decided to reduce its complexity.


Complexity is what makes Vainglory unique though. It is one of the few games I have seen where most heroes have a choice in the damage path they take. Arena of Valor is simplistic but that doesn’t mean it’s fun from a strategy standpoint.

vg is already doing its best to take out their uniqness in many areas of the game.

i think that the 3v3 will suffer greatly from being just as long as the 5v5 game mode. why should i play 3v3 then?

also this:
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