[3d model concept] School Days Gwen



yep this is pretty much Gangster Gwen school edition.

Programs used : 3ds max for the model and Photoshop for editing


why do i think of Lisa in blackpink…


Hmm… guns in school… where have I heard that recently? lul


@MacAulay she’s coming for you


Does she throw a notebook as her Ult?


actual in game footage :


wow pretty good i’m love it :grinning:


Just miss her dye hair even her new SE skin doesn’t have it :disappointed_relieved:


I like the short hair also – though she ought to have at least a little hombre coloring to it to be consistent with her original style. (Which, as has already been pointed out, SEMC failed at in her RL skin.)


Haha that’s awesome. It’s like a Vainglory/Sims cross-over!


so awesome look pretty good :smiley: