30 minutes to find match


If you dont get a blitz match within 1 min it means your request for the queue was not succesfully sent, so you need to re queue

I’ve waiting this long in all game modes, 5vs5, blitz, battle Royale, very frustrating

Where did you hear that? It’s not true afaik …


Seriously you gonna lie to people

which server are you on anyway?

Im playing on South America server

The network in SA is unusual, from what I’ve been told. All connections go through Brazil, if I recall correctly. I know that contributes to severe latency issues if you’re not in Brazil, but I’m not sure if that’s a factor in your long wait times …

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I haven’t had queue issues really except when I party…

I found out the lag was part my internet, by testing MS on my different WIFI’s. I used to be able to play on data fine, but it won’t work on 5v5. I was being too hard on SEMC so I apologize for that.

Ive experienced situations like these multiple times, got 3+ min queues and once i decided to re queue i instantly get a match. Coincidence? 1x maybe, but multiple times?

Another cause of this can be found by scanning your friends list, if your friends are all in queue with none of them in a game of less than 10mins long, and not a private match, then there is something wrong with the server.

My ping is fine, arround 30-60 ms. Im from Brazil, in all game modes i have to wait more than 10 minutes to find a game, very frustratting.

Wow you have a better ping than me and I’m on na server