3.8 meta predictions

The MJ passive isnt affected by BS. Also, TB will probably be better than BS in most builds.


Phinn and Lance stun combo still gonna dominate.

I can only pray that Rona and BF are now playable in ranked modes.

The amount of toxicity I had to face by just tapping the hero saying I wanted to play rona, is just crazy.

BF won’t be playable. BP, one of his core items got destroyed. He is still weak, he offers nothing to his team, not worth picking. Rona… depends on the meta, but will suffer too from the BP nerf and the nerf to reflex block (she is very vulnerable to CC). I expect Rona to be playable, though not meta, and BF to continue being just a legend.

I would say the opposite, BP is Rona’s core item if that’s nerfed she’s nerfed and BP was hit hard and as you said CC is strong against her. BS could very much benefit BF, back when BF was initially release BS/SM was his go to build, I think a buffed to BP is what caused the replacement. And he is stronger against CC then most. I’d a BS/SS build could work on him, especially with everyone being squishier now, he has a lot of natural damage and defense. I think BF could be meta.

I don’t think so, he is in general just weak. And when he was released, his build was SM, BP, SS, JB, Aegis, AP. He suffers from a weak kit right now. He is also very squishy, unlike Rona. I’m saying Rona can be viable because idk how the meta will change in terms of cc, so if there isn’t an over saturation of cc she will be good. BF is, as I’ve said, weak, same as Kensei (who got hard nerfed).

BF has nothing to offer his team that another hero couldn’t do better

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Hey he still has top tier sexiness


I took the last patch off but here are my thoughts:

  • Attack speed or AA reset ranged heroes and maybe melee who can use BS should improve - Ringo, Vox, Kestrel, Rona, Ozo, Glaive.

  • Base armor/shield increases mean heroes with piercing should get an advantage - Kestrel and Joule - while burst heroes are nerfed.

  • The BoE changes mean laning is going to be worse for melee heroes, especially Ozo.

  • Joule’s viability may go up. The 35% damage reduction should be really good. Joule’s perk improved while no other melee hero became tankier and many ranged heroes received nerfs.

  • CP Ozo’s viability may go up. The AS change means he isn’t timing TRC as carefully, meaning more healing/sec. EoH 5% increase in life steal is actually a 5.5-6.25% increase for him. The increased pierce on BM helps his high base damage on Acrobounce. The RB cd increase helps his ultimate.

  • High scaling/low base heroes may suffer from the across the board damage reduction on WP/CP items. Inversely the BS buff and BM nerf/buff should help high base damage heroes.

  • RB and Aegis are seeing a nerf with 30s and 10s CD increases respectively. Crucible is going from 45 to 75s. Aegis just became even more valuable because RB/Crucible may not be up for every fight. Any hero with a stun just became more viable, especially mid game. Any Ult with a stun that has a cd less than 45sec with max built cd of 35% just got much better.

  • The build order for Spellsword if it isn’t the first item will be clunky.

  • Piercing doesn’t stack but TB is 35% and BS is 20%. Every WP build will have one of these items.

  • Mid lane will get an extra 300g over 5 mins with the extra ranged minion. There is 60 more gold in outer lanes per wave and 85 in mid. Per wave you get 50 less ambient gold. That’s a net increase of 10 gold for perfect last hitting in an outer lane and 35 in mid. Missing one hit and getting the 30% will cost you an average of 35g. Perfect wave clear over 25 seconds gives 275g for outer lanes and 300g for mid with ambient included. I think we see recalling after almost every wave in mid with Roam holding a wave. The only way to solve this is to put a 60-second cd on recalls. Jungle clear gold (HT, SB, OG, GO) is up from 335 to 405 so I think we see the same meta for bot and top lane. Until experience and gold split is changed the outer lane meta won’t significantly change.

Ranged, stun heavy comps should be popular. Heroes I think might see more play: Celeste, Samuel, Kestrel, Gwen, Catherine, Lance, Ozo, Joule, Glaive, Baptist.

Also with the energy nerfs, Samuel may see an increase in popularity thanks to his perk.


They nerfed energy big time. I actually didn’t like the energy changes before 5vs5 release - making it easy to buy little energy regen/+ energy and spam. BUT they nerf it right now so hard, that I really don’t know how fun it will be to play out of energy all the time leading to massive use of off meta items just to spam abilities. After all - spamming abilities will deal more dmg than more CP but staying and watching the fight without energy.

The nerfs werent that hard except for Baron and maybe Kestrel. Other than that…

Celeste - Range and Stun
Samuel - Energy management, range, stun
Kestrel - SB, SB, TB and a stun
Gwen - see Kestrel
Catherine - RB changes
Lance - see Cath
Ozo - AS changes and stun
Joule - Perk change and stun
Glaive - see Gwen
Baptist - see Lance