3.8 meta predictions

Heroes who can take advantage of the 1 sec cd aftershock will be strong. Mainly koshka, reza, maybe lance and ardan. Heroes with AS as their core items but cant take advantage of it will be weaker (rip alpha).

Base defences got increased, new defence items, overall wp and cp values decreased. Broken myth has more pierce, and pierce is more valuable now because theres more shield. That means more AS BM builds.

Spellfire has a lot more base damage now, so maybe its a good first item again for mages and non heavy cp users (aftershock builds) might pick up SF.

SC AS SF jungle lance. Im spamming him every game now to prepare for next update.

BP and DE are easier to stack up now, but have less wp/cp at max stacks. Maybe this will mean less hypercarry comps.

Stuns that were easily blockable (koshka, ozo) will be much more valuable now since reflex block has a 75 sec cooldown. Heroes who have a built in reflex block skill (gwen, malene) will be much more valuable.

TB gwen and midlane lyra will probably be strong, joule got a massive buff to her early game but she isnt so popular so maybe she will be a sleeper pick. Rip kruls damage reduction. Anka will still be meta in 3v3 lel.


Thx for the warning.

Time to prepare for cancer until its balanced out in 3.9.

And if the patch is crazy and toxic, then that will decide if I staying playing Vg in 3.8

Also Ill be waiting for your videos on aspects of the patch < 3


TB is probably going to be disgusting, but fitting it into the build of a sniper is going to be difficult other than on Gwen and Baron. BP will still be core. Crit BP snipers will also probably be stronger. If you can mix that with TB (Hi Gwen and Baron) the late game will be very not okay. If you aren’t a TB Crit B O I you’re not going to have a good time. Sorry every WP melee character. Kensei may possibly be okay with bonesaw though and Atlas getting nerfed is good for melee carries but chances are they’ll still suck ass.

On the CP Side, AS and CW are the ones to look out for. AS got buffed if you can use it to its maximum potential and CW’s CDR passive is more valuable now that the CDR cap was reduced. Plus, it didn’t get nerfed much at all. SF CW and AS SF are probably going to be what people rush. SF base is dumb.

For defence items, I expect Aegis Husk. Blocks are super important in 5v5 and Husk is still good against WP carries, so Jacket might just be left to the wayside (which in that case, BS is still dead). Captains will still build fountain and Cruc but Atlas might get dropped for a Jacket, especially on characters like Phinn.

But will TB even work with gwen?
iirc gwen’s bonus damage isn’t exactly base WP(it can’t crit).

Aggressive Supports might also become more viable as defense items are now more expensive, so aggressive comps can really take advantage of that like Fort. But yeah Gwen might be THE top tier bot laner again and she is already in a great spot rn

BS will not be dead, after all the native armour is up + a lot of items gives armour (albeit nerfed amount this patch). Still, TB will be a lot more viable item in most cases, I feel.

Don’t forget Grace… she is gonna rise in next patch too…TB grace

Hol up, BP will be both harder to stack and have less total wp. Its actually nerfed so much. I completely forgotten how to math, had to search up the formula to calculate adding consecutive numbers. Feel free to check my math if you know how to math too.

3.7 BP:
Base 55wp, gain 10wp/stack, 170 dmg to gain each stack, +5/10wp for every consecutive stack, max 25 stacks.
Total 305wp at max stacks.

3.8 BP:
Base 50wp, gain 5wp/stack, 100 dmg to gain each stack, +5/10wp for every consecutive stack, max 35 stacks.
Total 225wp at max stacks.

Using the (n/2)(first number + last number) formula,

3.7 BP:
(170x25)+(25/2)(1+25)(5 or 10) = 5875 or 7500 dmg to reach max stacks for melee/ranged

3.8 BP:
(100x35)+(35/2)(1+35)(5 or 10) = 6650 or 9800 dmg to reach max stacks for melee/ranged

Heres a graph comparing 3.7 and 3.8 BP: https://twitter.com/Vyzeox/status/1051749476631597056

So 3.8 BP takes longer to stack AND has less max wp. Will BP finally be dead?


I am pretty sure they will rise it’s stats in 3.9. I see what they want to do (right now every WP character is building BP and/or can use it in viable build), but they hit it too hard. Dragon’s eye also is hit hard. I really think right now it will end up better to build directly SB/SG, even tho they also are nerfed.

They said the intention for this patch is not balancing but the create a base for the next updates. (Vox is out of the meta also).

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I wouldn’t be so sure, it’s right now a horrible first item.

In the meta they said so. In general it seems like WP carries are shit.

Rip Alpha? Rip Malene more like

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But Tension bow Gwen


O shet that and range nerf rip there goes all my efforts of 1 tricking malene for the first half of this update

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She is still viable… maybe not as midlaner but as jungler.

On the other hand though, a hero that may be able to benefit from the new AS stats a lot is Ozo…

They should have boosted the movement speed on her shield tbh, with that low of a range, its going to be hard to take down a celeste or ringo

Malene relies on abilities more than her AA anyways…
She will be fine

With all what she has in her kit she shouldn’t have that much problems. Celeste is only a problem late game, but that’s because she is supposed to outscale most.

I understand the TB hype ( in before Spring Gwen is back in the S-tier meta ) but not the BP ? It was largely nerfed but even if it wasn’t, how is no one talking about this Bone Saw buff coupled with defense nerfs ? I expect every WP carry to have BS or for armor items to become obsolete and ignored.