3.5 update made skye the most broken hero in the whole game

its very tanky,has a lot of damage and its impossible to kill at all

Erhm skye is NOT tanky… are you using heroes that she counters? Be a little bit more specific, this honestly sounds like a salt thread.


I see you must have never used Ozo against her…

3.5 made Alpha most broken hero in VG cause it’s tanky, lots of dmg and 2 health bars like wth is this bullshit I cant even 1v1 her and she destroy everyone in teamfights with her AOE scan and shit

3.5 made Adagio most broken hero in VG cause its tanky, lots of dmg and healing and AOE stun, hard to kill with all defense items like what is this sustain meta bullshit

3.5 made Baptise most broken hero in the whole game cause its tanky, sustain, lots of dmg and CC and impossible for me as a ranged carry to take him down 1v1 in melee range like what the hell he’s supposed to be A MID-RANGED MAGE and I’m a WP carry so he must be the one keeping his distance not me OK?

3.5 made Churnwalker absolutely broken cause all he needs to do is land 3-4 chains on your team and capable of amplifying dmg and healing and your team will get wiped out with no effort please nerf Churn pls SEMC
3.5 made Petal unfair to play against because regularly its a 5v5 but when theres Petal its a 8v5 like what is this semc can you even balance the game properly

3.5 made Rona ridiculous OP because she has A JUMP, A JUMP dude. Thats like the most OP mechanic in game like you literally gap close squishy with no effort and boom boom bam everyone’s dead cause of her AOE spin and sustain bullshit.

And you think its enough? No my friends, SAW is the most broken hero of them all. He has like aoe strong slow, burst and dps. His mobility is not impressive but WHO NEEDS MOBILITY WHEN YOU CAN 1V5 PEOPLE by just standing still and let your autos roll in.


Idk what path of skye ur talking about but CP Skye is DEFINITELY not broken and VERY SITUATIONAL, and her WP Skye isnt the best WP carry. Ringo and vox still can out shine her

I tried using ozo against skye it was very ugly, at first when I played against Ozo I thought he was OP,but When I tried Glaive with shiv god damn he can delete Ozo in matter of seconds his healing will not even help him nor his jumping Glaive + shiv = anti-Ozo.

RIngo and Vox cannot outshine skye that keeps moving both her paths are broken its impossible for ringo and vox to keep up with her when she can hit and run away and that 1 hit is too much damage and vox range is not that wow, and I have seen lately a lot of skyes early invading enemy forests,let alone she gets a very powerful start and end.

ps: I am a Vox and Ringo main but if we have them I switch to glaive.

she is tanky right now, and very elusive like extremely elusive that it makes all the heroes outranged.

You’re kidding right? Lmao. Ozo against glaive is an even match up. Ozo, + shiv against a glaive + shiv = Ozo still heals and does more damage than glaive cause of Ozo’s perk, especially with his A being 3 auto attack resets with built in healing he does more damage and tanks better than glaive. And why would you ever use your B against glaive? Unless you’re going crystal, never use your B other than for catching up to enemies. Either way, this thread/discussion is about Skye. Ozo DESTROYS Skye, if you haven’t learned how hard he counters her mobility with his skills, which are ALL mobility then idk what to tell you.

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Ringo and vox destroy Skye easy , just dodge her barrage and kite to death , if she is playing wp just kill her before she stacks , Skye other than assassins has other counters like Celeste , ozo , petal , baptiste , fortress and wp lance , wp lance is good against her in both of her paths you just need to land your skillshots and she dead !


If you can kill a Skye with Ringo sorry but what lindo of main are you?

i deleted my message cuz i was a little to sharp tongued but i agree 100% with you

Uhhhh non of her base stats have been changed. She has a base range of 6. Yes, she’s elusive but saying she outranges everyone is false.

She has counters, no way she’s op


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