3.5 Fortress is very strong... maybe too strong?

Wartreads on a 5 seconds cooldown, applies mortal wounds, tankier than most heroes, insane self sustain ( ult fortified health and A lifesteal), Deals damage with one item, has a slow, spawns an army of 5 wolves which can body block pretty much everything prock his slow mortal wounds and deal damage, synergies really well with rooks and pullsweave and most health items in the game, really cheap build to pull off and he happens to be the easiest hero to play in the game. I don’t think there is a better hero in any moba let alone vainglory, something is not right here


Yeah Fortress needs some hard nerfs. He shouldn’t be dealing as much damage as he does while simultaneously being tanky and having mobility.

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Thats why he’s perma banned

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@HipsterSkaarf you could have edited the title correctly, this is not discussing if fortress might a little too strong it is an accepted fact that he is broken. This title is more misleading than the previous one

It’s a forum though… every thread can be a discussion. Otherwise, maybe just tweet it? Maybe with a better title, this can be a conversation about how you might change or tweak the hero to be more balanced?

i think editing was ok , because “so fortress” doesnt tell anything !
but removing the @ nivmett was weird , i thought we only not allowed to tag in his own threads because he already get notified .

fortress is too good , and i think broken with parties , in soloq he is good but not broken

Its the only hero that has a MAX health %, not a missing health one, with a higher CP scaling than the missing health ones, that slows, can be applied to the entre enemy team aaaaand, with a incredibly short cooldown. This is where the damage comes from.

Yeah, maybe. I removed it though because this forum isn’t for tagging devs, as a rule. The forum is a lot healthier when people come here to talk about the game with other players, not use it as a way to alert devs to whatever’s on their mind. (Also, they’ll know if a hero is OP because of gameplay data). I think that leads to unrealistic expectations, and was a big reason why the old forum got so salty sometimes. Some devs do browse here, and they get summaries of topics from community managers, so don’t worry, there are plenty of ways for them to know what’s up without being tagged all the time.

But anyway, I hadn’t gotten the feeling that Fort was OP, so it’s really interesting to see some thoughts on why that might be true.

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nivmett knows fortress strong and he talked about him being top hero high winrate globally

i agree with what you said 100% , but you needed it as a rule , like its not fair to remove it from his thread without any rule , it was a normal tag like old forum , if you want to remove tags make it new rule and everyone going to follow , i 100% with what you said , tagging devs is annoying and i do it myself but its allowed !

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Oh I am coming in with a nerf bat before I roll out. Dont worry. >=)



betrayal and deceit


nivmett is love nivmett is life


Yea it’s actually stupid that he has 4 sec speed boost on 4 sec cooldown with SC AS CP infuse

He’d be broken if Phinn didn’t check him into oblivion. But to be honest we need him because Anka would be broken if it wasn’t for him. They need to add and remove some things to make him balanced because right now he’s too simple.

Phin doesnt control him lol, in fact Fortress is the Hero with the highest win rate, even more than phin, plus MW counter phin.

You have no clue how many things Phinn can shut down all because of Capacitor and his B. He doesn’t even need Capacitor in some cases. I’m not saying that Phinn can 1v1 Fortress (maybe he could with some CP) but in a teamfight despite Fort Ult, Phinn has a lot more presence if his teammates stick near him (near enough for his B). Fort is highest WR mostly because people in t9 can’t get their act together. In 2500+ VG Phinn would have the highest WR. Look at the WRs too. Fort is just one-tenth higher than Phinn lol. Phinn’s only counter is Kensei and he has one of the lower WRs.

Edit: LOL Fort doesn’t even have the highest WR in any of the servers. He just has the most fixed WR in each server so if you average it up he has the highest since some heroes go up and down. Phinn is strongest in NA and SEA. Churn is strongest in EU. Lorelai is good in EA. Anka is good in SA. And Petal has the highest in CN.

in the hidden stats he is the top , nivmett said that , you looking at small sample of players , nivmett can see the whole thing .

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BUFF MALENE before you roll out too

Better Nerf her

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You should just nerf all top 8 characters on VG pro they’re all OP. I’m happy you looking out for use before you go though