2v5: Varya and Churn


This is what I sent into BM for their ‘Looking for writers thing.’ I didn’t get accepted, although I didn’t expect to. I have no doubt that they aren’t particularly looking for new series, and considering how brash my posts are, it wouldn’t fit their clean image. Anyway, I wanted more people to see this thing I wrote in like 40 minutes, so here you go!

Crazy Combos?
Super Synergy?
Pretty good combinations of heroes for duo and trioQ players to try while ranking?

Don’t judge me, I’ve always been bad at titles.

Varya (Mid) Churn (Captain)

The synergy between the big tiddy lightning god and the BDSM lord himself is a thing of beauty. When you get these two together, it’s a thing of beauty. Nothing is as breathtaking as an invincible wall of chains and thunder striking down upon heathen, leaving them as dead as the hopes of a Lorelai skin in 3.8.

What makes Varya Churn so incredibly strong is the synergy between their playstyles and the way they build upon each other to create what we call ‘the big damage’ in Vainglorious. The first thing we need to talk about is Churn. He acts like a damage amp, pulling enemies closer for combos and transferring damage through his chains. His tankiness comes from healing based on the damage the enemies take. His ultimate allows him to reposition around the enemy team while stunning them, particularly around stragglers. What Churn is best with is a damage dealer that can spew out large amounts of damage (targeting doesn’t particularly matter) constantly in teamfights. Preferably the damage should be reliable, and it’s even better if the damage is AOE. They need to be able to survive without the babysitting from Churn, although this won’t mean they won’t get absolutely no peel from them.

Nobody answers these wants more than Varya. What Varya brings with her passive is constant AOE damage that is easy to bounce between members of the enemy team, particularly after Churn pulls them in. She has a dash that gives her a shield, which is fantastic for survivability, but is even more effective for burst damage from chaining passive strikes after Churn pulls the enemy team in.

That’s not all though. Churn can easily follow up on Varya’s channeled abilities with his pull. When Varya is casting an A, Churn can pull the enemies towards the spear location. During the middle of Varya C, he can change the whole positioning of the team, making them closer to him (and causing them to run away, towards the lightning strike that has formed a moment ago.) With all of this damage, teamfights will be a breeze as long as you can get these two in draft (and get Varya to 4 items, of course.)

The only weakness that they have is the lack of peel for the Varya that Churn can offer. He has difficulty landing hooks onto divers, which can be a big problem when he wants to pull them away. If he does land a hook though, he can ult to land smack dab in between the diver and Varya, ready to bodyblock. To negate this weakness and remove as much counterplay as humanly possible, it would be best to run defensive tanks/bruisers in your other positions. In 5v5, that means something like Cath and Lance, while in 3v3 that would be something like a Glaive or Krul. Anything with CC or shielding can work, but it’s also important to have a scary frontline.

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Good luck getting CW in ranked, he is almost always banned in high elo.


Ok so I just skimmed the text, but I proposed a very similar combo a while back (I think I even mentioned Varya + CW as well) instead of Varya tho, CP Vox.

Vox is almost better because he’s slightly more mobile, and the way his resonance works is even better in crowds, Varya is better at chaining along a line (down a minion wave for example). Although Varya’s ult may be better with Churnwalker.

But hey, for the ultimate combo, try and get all three. Absolute destruction.

Also, here’s a clip (if it doesn’t work automatically, jump to 0:55) of a play with me on CW and an ally on CP Vox. Lemme just say that this was SoloQ, and we were definitely, if only slightly, behind in the match at the time.