2nd New hero teaser

First thoughts:
can CLONE and blink SUPER FAR… ok, those Naurto comparions are actually making sense. Those arrows kinda look like a Kunai as well.


Honestly,the only thing I’m worried about this hero is how her fan blade pierces though targets,so unless the blades do reduce damage for every target they hit,she’s going to hurt in a team fight…

i wonder if her basic attacks “mark” the target… and using your ability consumes the mark and you blink behind them, that’s the only possibility i can think of for such a long ranged ability.

While it may not be the most original concept it is a great concept and this looks like a very powerful well designed hero.

Anka looks slick as hell, but definitely an insta-ban until she’s taken down a peg. I’d love to see her become a main for the people with skill and talent, not just the new Kensei on release.

You know what screw her fan blade damage,just imagining her ultimate in a teamfight makes me fear how op she’ll be

Nah her damage won’t be stupidly high unless they put some crazy CP ratios. Since she is CP BP won’t work well with her and DE is for damage over time and she is meant to burst. She is still probably gonna be strong but in all the teasers and stuff we’ve seen they’re trying to make her seem cool.

True,it’s kinda like how kinetic’s ultimate looks op in the spotlight but it’s weak as hell in game(I’m surprised it won’t get buffed next patch).But it’s still kinda worrying

Exactly. She has execute damage on her basic attacks which need missing health. Her dps is probably mediocre at best. All she has is burst damage.

She might even have negative synergy with Aftershock (that is a first)

Her main weakness will be captain saves and blocks or CC on her. She has this one chain on a rather high cooldown, when she can’t finish her target she is stuck on high cd…

Grace and Lorelai can really mess her up on paper.

It isn’t weak when you have high BP Stacks…

Not to mention everyone failed to mention that her mark can be bodyblocked. So unless she has some OP burst to kill a captain she seems somewhat just “mediocre”/too difficult to use (better options)/waiting for the right opportunity. She can’t make full use of her reset capability if like people play a captain other than Lyra… even Lorelai to some extent counters her lol.

She’ll be OP only if she is purposely made OP or they decide to make her perk do the same damage as SAW, but I wouldn’t blame that on them because after all it took them like 7 patches to balance Aftershock.