2019 Dev Feedback Survey (Pulled from Twitter) 🌃

Lemme just say.

Its amazing to see that people would rather have a overall better VG experience than rewards in general. I mean its not unexpected but still.

Also… CONSOLE???

Hmm lets see how this will go :hushed:


Personally, if they managed to get Vainglory on the Switch… I’m pretty much going to get it.

Not only this will be a selling point for me, the fact that the Gen 8 Pokemon game is soon to come to the Switch is another reason to get it.

To me, better matchmaking is the top picked choice because it leads to the other three.

Fixing the matchmaking leads to less toxicity because people would feel less as if they are constantly at a disadvantage, which usually leads them to trolling. However, this is not entirely dependant on matchmaking as people will be people. Though, it will lessen the frequency of toxicity and trolling.

I wonder why he said “New Ranked System?” Better matchmaking can result in better ranked experience. If he gives more details on what this supposed new ranked system is, it might be better than improving matchmaking.

Overall, better matchmaking is good, but I’ll take it with caution as he did not mention specifically what aspects he and the company considers “Better Matchmaking.” Is the time? Is it properly matching skill tiers of players? Only time will tell.

Better rewards… well, I wouldn’t mind, but I think they already too generous anyway. Stop buttering is up with all these rewards to hide the deficiencies in the game I say.


I think vaingory will be populqr in ps4 because of high graphic support


What about an actual survery where people can give proper feedback


Nah, that’s typical SEMC – they like their echo chambers.

It’s hard to make informed business decisions without, you know, accurate information. :roll_eyes:

Being less snarky: I can’t imagine that Twitter poll is anything they’re actually basing any kind of business decision on.


New ranked system means changing the ranked system , like how people climb , where they start , maybe changing the skill tier names , dealing with smurfs , adding more skill tiers , the decay and resetting the VST.

This could lead to a better matchmaking , but it’s easier to fix matchmaker than doing this change , that’s why they put both options in the poll .

I’m looking forward to trying it on consoles. Even if they’re not as accurate as tap controls, I think it’ll be interesting to play with joystick controls with ACTUAL joysticks and buttons.

If they, for some reason, don’t keep tap controls on the switch version though, I’ll be a little salty :pouting_cat:

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The switch has so many good games. And I haven’t even played Mario odyssey or BotW, which are apparently both amazing. Splatoon 2 has become my favourite game, and there’s quite a few indies (eg. Celeste, Octopath traveler) which are really underrated. I personally really want VG on switch.

BotW is one of the most amazing games I’ve ever seen. Beyond highly recommended.


They aren’t even putting guilds into consideration? sadface

Their apathy about what was once a core social feature of the game continues to mystify me. I know my involvement with the two guilds I belonged to completely changed the game for me.

I guess they think Twitter and Discord and Reddit are the social parts of the game now.


It makes sense as a game getting easier and going cross platform to stop caring about guilds , guilds are there to make the game serious and grind , team work , all of that was needed when the game had high skill requirements , now it doesn’t , focusing on the casual gamer experience worth it , the one jump in play couple games and go off .

That’s a good point, and one I’d not really considered. But I bet you’re pretty much on target.

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I don’t know why fix toxicity and trolls is something that they thought should be part of the survey. Toxicity happens from frustration which directly correlates to Better matchmaking. Trolls will always be trolls so it’s difficult to ping down individuals like them.

i’m glad though that matchmaking is the one that has the most votes in the poll. Perhaps they will give the responsibility to someone who isn’t the same person balancing talents from time to time!