2 Takeaways from the top Reddit Post

Those who tried to suggest that Lun was imagining, or creating sexualization where there wasn’t any, you were/are confused.

SEMC makes money from young boys buying drawings of half naked ladies… (they aren’t special in this regard, lots of games do, but true none the less…)


She’s hot as hell idc what anyone says.


for the love of god or whatever you worship, please don’t bring this up again

@Ghav try to avoid that kind of post, please. I know you’re trying to say it in a joking way, but if you’re just posting to tell mike what he should or shouldn’t be posting about, you’re not adding to the discussion. And that’s the kind of comment we really want to avoid in these forums. It derails threads, makes conversation difficult, and can make this space less enjoyable in the long-run. (You can also just ignore the thread if you don’t like it).

Instead, do you have an opinion about SEMC’s art style and marketing tactics? Do you think they have a demographic in mind when they create specific splash art?


This discussion has been repeated countless times, old forums included. It always goes the same way and the arguments are always the same. Game character sexualization (not only females btw) has been a thing forever and that won’t change anytime. Yet people really like to point out sexualized female skins over equally sexualized male skins, because as we all know only males can express sexuality without being looked down upon. We can all acknowledge it’s there and I don’t get why this exact same topic has been made so many times.

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Regardless of how we each perceive your response, if you feel the topic has been brought up enough, you don’t have to discuss it. The forum is not a circle of people talking. It’s a large room with different conversations.

Act what way? I clearly asked politely if we could stop bringing this topic up again. Take it however you want.

There, you said it. This conversation’s not different at all but by all means, carry on.

I agree with @Ghav’s PoV however I’m all in for everyone creating all kinds of threads as long as the it’s limited and not in a spammy way.
We already know most of the game Dev does this sorta things. It has it’s advantages and disadvantages, while it was a great discussion when Lun started it 1st and 2nd time but I don’t see this topic bringing any more insight that we already don’t know about.
One thing I highly disapprove of is starting another thread whenever SEMC release this kinda of skin.


Yeah I wouldn’t do that either. I just saw this as literally the TOP post on reddit, and how sad that is. “big booys hkyuk hyuk”

it’s just more proof of the reality so many deny

I think the bigger takeaway is that Reddit is full of
T he
H orniest
O f
T eens


Wait, I thought you meant that even Reddit was complaining about skins being overly sexualized… (I’ve never been there so idk)
Edit- okay nevermind I looked at the pic once again and saw the topic above…

You guys forget majority or Reddit players look at the nsfw vg so… Hippocrates

This is quite literally part of the point I was making.

The in game model isn’t that sexualized even though her splash art=high class escort…

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@justmikewilldo the in game model is actually quite stunning with great effects. The long hair. Special effects on boomstick and Aces High are all within theme.

But all you have to do is not click on the thread :confused:

I’d like to add that they used that pic to promote the game in App Store plus another 2 female heroes. Classy as always.

ya cause the title is super explicit :confused: thanks for your useful input

Glad I could help.

I need to type 30 letters so hi, I’m an Aes!