12m by 5m high Wall spray painted Ringo

Hi all at SEMC, blissful apple requested that i post here. This is a 12m x 5m(h) Ringo Spray Painted Graffiti wall mural in my restaurant in Singapore SEA.

Hope it brings a smile to all SEMC Staff and hang in there, the game will Be HUUUGGEEE. The night is darkest before the dawn.

your biggest fan.


Thats legit sweet :heart_eyes: Its good to see some VG related stuff without the negativity.

Wish I could visit there rip :mask:


That’s an awesome mural! It’s… not really Ringo, since it has two arms and a sword, instead of one arm and a gun, but it’s a very cool image of a samurai. It’s awesome that VG could inspire work that though. Best of luck to your restaurant!


i’m checking out your facebook page and it looks like the restaurant is doing very well. The food looks delicious~!

Fake. Ringo is holding the sword with two arms.

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That’s fantastic! Looks like such a cool place.

Nice , good luck :kraken_happy_t3:

Yep, we couldn’t use the gun coz many of my customers responded they preferred the sword. And in singapore Guns and graffiti are banned even if it’s artwork. Didn’t want to get in trouble with the authorities. Nevertheless we maintained the helmet with the face mask, hopefully this will inspire and bring smiles to all VG players & SEMC.


This text will be blurred OOF

very nice painting, but this is just a samurai, not Ringo… anyway best of luck with your business. Cool place.

Oof to having to alter the mural, but I think it would have been better to keep the face mask. The mural is sick either way though!

I think it would bring problems to directly paste/draw the ringo t2 splashart on a wall. Rules and restrictions :star_struck:

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