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100 sunlight : The impossible task?


It’s either buy Battle Pass or begone. I didn’t purchase this season’s BP and I’m only level 33 with decent playtime.


I just want Raid Boss but I’ll never get there in time


Even the Le slaves are sweating hard lmao


I’m sorry but you play a lot. I don’t want people to use this one example as an excuse for this ridiculous grind.(nothing against you ofc.)


I had a lorelai on my team with lvl 10 epic. I was like which dumb person would get lorelai epic to lvl 10. Then i saw the 2s team stun :slight_smile:


Lol, you would know that some Talents are actually pretty crazy once the dominants ones are put aside

I know, since I made the stats compilation for Talents after all, hehe.


I am only around level 30 and I play 2h every single day. I guess you play blitz and this is not fair, what if one likes to play the MAIN modes? After all you can play 3-4 blitz games while i still que and try to start the match and the match is a lot longer. At the end you will play tons of games while I finish my first. They should give more sunlight based on the mode and games duration.

If a player with 2h every single day into the main modes (for me 5vs5) and 97% of the skins can’t reach level 100 (and as I see the progress slowing hard, I am sure I will not) - then the system is not that great. Also the rewards are 2/3 talents that I don’t care about.


Grinding blitz elo at 60 leves and above isnt all that great besides the small amount of sunlight it gives (40) while causal modes give 150 and higher


I play only ranked (tho it’s the same as casual). Rarely see above 120 sunlight (no boost) + play all my skins, after all I paid for them and I am ashamed how much money I gave to SEMC with their current direction/decisions. Also what if you lose? You forget that part, but it’s one thing to play 8 blitz games, win 5 and get the sunlight and another to lose the single 5vs5 game with que/dodge/draft/game time you will play in that time.

Something is different for sure as I play 2h and sometimes even 3-4 (weekends) per day and I am not even near you. I am at work to fire up the game, but I think I was level 24. So how come and I do play with legendaries, SE, etc skins quite frequently and I win a lot recently… soooo ? :slight_smile: