100 sunlight : The impossible task?

Seriously WTF it bad enough that I don’t play often last season I still manage to get 40 but now it 100 levels???

worst off is you loose that 1.3k ice and it feels like the sunlight gain is slower than ever both blitz and Br give virtually the same amount of sunlight even though it supposed to be blitz 1/3 of cas and br 1/2 of cas. SEMC keeps doing shit wrong and doesn’t even care for its long time players


I normally hit 50 within a month because I own almost every legendary skin in the game. Unless I hit 70 by the time the two-month mark rolls around, I’m not buying the Battle Pass. The only reason I’d consider buying it is to break even on the ICE purchase and get some random crap that, while I’d consider useless, is still stuff I wouldn’t have otherwise.

I don’t know how much worse the monetization can get, but I have a bad feeling that we haven’t seen the last of it. SEMC is clearly in a value-extraction phase of development, which either means that they’re going to tank the game soon, or that they’re going to push the boundaries of monetization as far as they’ll go. The latter is a major loss for customers, because this sort of thing pushes towards an unhappiness equilibrium of sorts, where customers are just discontent enough to not complain. Either way, this game’s high production values have been permanently lost. I’m not holding my breath for the longevity of this game.


This man is likely largely responsible for the massive monetization push. To say that I do not like him is an understatement.


Yeah I do find the 100 levels to be bs. Send us basically ripping off of the battle ground games. The battle pass last season was a great idea and I do wish they go back to 50 levels. I dont see this new season working unless we get lots of double sunlight weekends, and not just for the new heroes.

I dont think its that bad than what it seemed when it wasn’t released to us.

They made the “improved” the pass to give an incentive to play more than to “get to 50 levels and ur done” type of pass.

Its not that bad as it seems tbh. Every day I put 30 mins to 2 hours into Vg and it obviously shows.

The 3 day glory boost they give you and the LE skins quickly get you up in the 20-30 levels and the rest requires a little more work.

In the past I hated the idea of the “new” pass but as @TheCopyCat said “Wait until its out” when everyone was shitting on the changes. And my view changed after it was released.

Lots of errors in my post but its late so idc

edit: I havent bought any levels or skipped btw.
I want to save for the next pass

Mine didnt, most of its rewards are talents, and for me talents=0. In exchange of them im missing 1-2 epic keys, some rare keys, unowned legendary skin, blueprints… So i dont see how It is better (which is how they announced It). This BP is not worth the time, and neither does the free rewards, they didnt just add the end of season rewards, they deleted most of them.


I didnt mean to give the impression that the rewards were better, I meant that it rewards the players that invest into getting sunlight and leveling up.

Sorry for the confusion (Im not being a white knight)

It’s good to see that making it to level 100 isn’t as difficult as it first appeared. But I agree that the rewards are overall worse now (talents = :new_poop:), so I have no interest in buying the pass.

Completing the sunlight levels and collecting my pass rewards were the only reasons I kept playing the game last season.


From a thread made on the Vainglory sub-Reddit, last Season’s Sunlight Level 50 is the same as this season’s one. So the additionally 50 Levels are going to be tougher for those that don’t quite hit the Level 50 Sunlight last season. I know I barely got the Max a week or so before the season ended, and that was by abusing the Sunlight Boost gained from the Pass and Blitz’ing the game almost constantly for 24 hours.

I get that we have all the Sunlight Boosts in the current Battle Pass to make it easier to level up, so I’ll give them credit for at least that.

As for prices, yeah, Talents are really abundant in this current Pass. I put the desirability of the current Battle Pass at a 50/50 like/dislike ratio.

Sure, Talents and to a certain extend Materials dilute the desirability, but I think the other stuff somewhat makes it at least 50/50. Barely for most, I think.

To me, they shouldn’t have done a few things. Here’s what they are in my opinion:

  • Remove the Unowned Hero reward. That was what sold me for the last two Battle Passes aside from the ICE return. I hated waiting for 1 week (now 2 weeks) to try the new hero of the patch. Give players this back at maybe level 50 & level 100, which certainly can cover most a season. Chop other rewards away, like Talents stuff to make up for the increase in the value of the Battle Pass by 1800 ICE.

  • Remove all the ‘guaranteed’ <rarity_value> Blueprints. At least 1 guaranteed unowned Legendary skin would have been nice. Again, at a reasonable level like maybe 45 and 95?

  • Made the Talent Coin drops all be specific to a hero. I get the idea it’s for populating the Talent pool players use with rarely used Talents, but balancing them would have been much more encouraging for players to use more diverse Talents. Idris Rare is still stupidly strong at around Level 15 and above for :v They should have just put something else I think

  • Added a Social Ping set into the reward pool. It’s ok if you don’t have them yet, but I’m sure some people have gotten parts of a Social Ping set in the metallic chests (Bronze, Silver, Gold Chests that you have to open with a matching key. Evidence of their drops can be found here). I do wander what’s the duplicate reward for getting Social Pings though.

Other rewards are ok or good, mostly indifferent to me.
In a Reddit thread that I’ve made a week or two ago here, I’ve listed all the stuff we get from each Battle Passes we had so far. Just in case anyone wants the info but too lazy to navigate the mesy in-game menu.


I would like to be able to say my case its different, but sadly It isnt.

Every talent is stupidly strong at those levels.

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Pretty much, lol.

Some are honestly pathetic at that level still though, because unlike the broken ones, it actually takes a bit of skill. Or they are entirely just useless or by that point, I think most Talent users (abusers) would have obtain a more stronger (broken) Epic or Legendary Tier Talent.

For example? I’m yet to see a talent that requires skill or are useless at level 15 and above.


  • Glaive’s Rare (the pun stun).
  • Joule’s Rare.
  • Ozo’s Rare.

So not some, but only a select few rake some skill and are also the weak ones I have in mind.

I accept Glaive ‘s one, the other ones take as much skill as the default hero.

Fair enough. I accept the judgement.

Sometimes I wonder why some Talents exist. Then again, we all wonder why this stuff exist, lol.

I think the Talents started the whole - “Why was this added?!” trend for new things, though I feel this started way back when they were forced to add Opals to please the community because of their own bad marketing decisions with LE skins, the first few ones of course.


I don’t remember too many in the community being pleased about opals, actually. Lol


I’m not really pleased how that turn out. It introduced a currency, for the longest time until 3.7, was basically an intermediate that had barely any use except for SE skins which were unlikable for a good year or so.

I personally think Glory should be the only thing one should be able to collect to purchase anything in-game if it’s meant to be purchaseable via in-game currency.

ICE should be for exclusive bundles and chests as well early hero releases etc.

As for Essence, it was ok with the old card system, but now I think it’s better. Kind of make sense given that we have Blueprint Chests and a good way to slowly give free to play players skins. Also makes duplicates actually do something reasonable.


But back to Opals. I think this should be subbed out for Glory entirely. It’s hard to actually accumulate Opals efficiently unless you get lucky (or unlucky) and get duplicate drops for heroes in Chests or the jack pot.

I always feel a bit dissapointed when the Daily 6 hour chests just give me 2 Opals :bacon_tears:

Back when the LE skin drama happened, I think they should have just said they are sorry and just give the OG LE skin owners some ICE. It would hurt their pride a bit, but in the long run, I think the sales would have made up for it and we wouldn’t have clutter in the form of ‘not so nice for some’ LE recolours, the disparity between LE & SE skins, and no Opals.

I get SEMC was and is still is a start up, but you gotta bite the bullet sometimes.

Their decision making on the marketing and e-sport side is just sad and frustrating to see.

Short gameplay clips detailing their plays and abilities in a short manner, coupled with CiderHelm’s legendary voice would have been great as ads. Instead we get silly and ineffective as well as maybe expensive trailer of Reza beating up minions in an unrealistic manner that no way gives me the impression of showing off the game and the graphics capabilities of the iPhone. The add has more dislike than likes :frowning:

E-sport wise, they jumped the gun way to early. Things should have started with the community stuff, then build up semi-pro community games, hosting them through the Vainglory Twitch channel. They did it a bit, but I feel the effort wasn’t fully there nor did they understand the commitment needed as well as creating a face for the company that the community can look up and talk to, which sadly have now left the company.

The could have done the price pool without real money at that time. Just give out reasonable amounts of Glory and ICE. The idea is to foster community’s own movement for e-sport and encouraging them.

When I first saw VIPL2 in SK Live (I don’t recall why I decided to watch at that time), an unexpected thought came to me that still rings clear today: “They’re going too fast.”

Fast forward a few years, everything e-sports came crashing down. Shattering the already shaky image most players had had ever since the LE shenanigans.

I could go on forever, but too summarise:

  • Gameplay for 3v3 & 5v5 is solid, bar the occasional balance throwing everyone into a meta that is disliked.
  • Marketing is rather poor. I think they should have had a financial planner and advisor that wasn’t enthralled by their dream of a mobile MOBA shaping and piorneering the mobile e-sports scene.
  • They tried to please everyone, in the end, no one is pleased.


Sometimes, lines from two characters in a video I watched that was a Thomas the Tank Engine fan fiction suits the feeling of “Vainglory is dying” that some people are spouting non-stop.

Horwich (steam engine): “They were pioneers, every steam engine is. We’ve paved the way for the future.”

Basil (diesel engine): “And now there’s no place for you in it. That is what is known as a cruel irony.”

That said, I think Vainglory has a few more years down the line.

I do think that the constant “Vainglory is dying or dead” spouting is a annoying, and hastening the game’s own decline. It’s a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ one could say.

Hopefully, when the time comes for Vainglory to be laid to sleep, it goes out decently. Not with a bang, not with a whimper, but with a smile and a fondness that shall never be forgetten.

(P.S.: Hopefully a Switch port or mobile offline mode. I’d love that.)


Tbf, that was an Apple ad, created by Apple’s ad agency and paid for by Apple. SEMC simply provided the game animations.

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Alright. But still, being attached to an add that is disliked is a bit of a blow to their image imo.

It doesn’t win me over to Apple (cause I’m a Samsung and Android scrub).

With the events they given out, I made it to 100 faster than expected