Your spoils

So what did you guys get
I feel like I got the short end of the stick

(Also did they remove the ability to lower the volume of the music and game sounds from settings?)

3 awesome skins, and the brand-ass new OP hero of the summer.

“short end of the stick”.

I’m sorry for the salt I see your point with the Glory and no ICE but really that Kinetic is lucky

Lol I didn’t mean to come off as salty, anything is better than nothing really appreciate SMEC for giving the players more rewards

I’m the salty one, I didn’t play enough to get decent sunlight rewards. I ended at 28 I think? No time to play :sob:

Every skin I got was a duplicate, I ain’t sad tho.
Opals jumped from 500 something to 1200 something.
Feels like I’ve reached the point where getting new skins ain’t gonna be easy.

Your loot is trash compared to mine

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I pulled a load of duplicates, the Krul Samurai skin (which I happen to like) and Kinetic as well.

Still - despite the fact that the end-of-season payouts were pretty generous, this time around, and you have to acknowledge that SEMC are now trying to reel in players again by giving them incentives to play…
I can’t help feeling a little disappointed. So many chests, and just 1 skin for the collection. (I’ve got roughly half of the total unlocked, I think.)

Already looking forward to the next time, though, so that’s something!

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You got Cagefighter Ardan the only Ardan skin I am missing, Carnivore GJ a very good skin and Kinetic, the new permaban. You got some good pulls. I wish I had your pulls ;-;

I got Kinetic and t3 Alpha, but I like t2 Alpha better kek

the only good thing i got was carnivore grumpjaw which is the only non se skin in the game that i want which is good. now i have 500 opals though, so i do not know what to get help :crying_cat_face::scream_cat:

spoils of war

unseen: t3 skye wuxia ozo and tears bc no power ranger kinetic, also 2 lances from blueprint chest in a row

hi madison. also nic loot angery can i have your kestrel blueprint please

I got a bunch of duplicates which is pretty surprising considering I have 27/142. Pretty bad luck. :confused: Both my epic chests gave me duplicate heroes (unsurprising because I have all of them except kinetic and saw) and duplicate skins. My BP chests gave me a few rares and dupes. The upside was I got enough opals to buy baewitched Celeste after saving up since december!

if i could give it i would :^(

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Didn’t get anything. No blueprint, hero, or skin. Just glory.


What the-- your lucky af i only got wuxia ozo and spacebug petal and the rest was duplicates ;(

i guess i kinda was lucky with the kinetic, but i honestly didnt want anything else (other than maybe skaarf skins and tea party grace)

I got 1 SE and 2 L skins that I already had. Not the best loot for me, but the rewards really are generous.

I got kinetic and BF skin from the 250 ice chest

which skin? summer bod? vamp bod? or i-just-took-your-daughter-sword-thing bod?

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