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Your Ideal 5v5 Team


I find Reim can still be strong top. I should’ve been more elaborate with how I envisioned Catherine being played in that comp. Her job is to just take the gold treant and two bears with her banner/SC, then immediately rotate to top and bot to harass/support and up her perk until the next jungle rotation. The team is essentially two captains.


Dont mind me.

Im just flexing with the new emotes that HipsterSkaarf added in. :gwenrainbowbarf:


Top: Weapon Bruiser Blackfeather
Jungle: Utility/tank Grumpjaw who bullies most junglers with his stat in early game
Roam: Lance (Lance+Grumpy early jungle invade = nightmare)
Mid: Adagio (out-range most mid laners so safe farm when Lance invades)
Bot: Silvernail (tripwire+Lance cc+ Adagio ult and you get one hella crazy zoning comp with BF doing the cleaning)


WAIT we have role icons? I did not know we had role icons!