Your Ideal 5v5 Team

I’m surprised we haven’t seen much discussion (I could be missing it) rergarding your (all VGF community members) ideal 5-hero roster compositions! When you present yours, explain why. What you think counters it. What you think it counters. Etc.

… and go!


Top Lane: WP Grumpjaw. Consistent damage and tankyness.

Mid Lane: CP Adagio or Lorelai if she isnt captain. Adagio has healing and damage benefits from CP

Bottom Lane: WP Lance. We all know how annoying a good lance is.

Support: Lorelai/Lyra. Both strong picks in 3.10

Jungle: Inara/Fortress. Inara is a team player and the same goes for Fortress. The both have good engages with Inaras ult and Forts A.

My strength of this comp is obviously CC but its still a theoretical dream comp that I think would be great in a balanced patch (no broken heros lol) and in the hands of a great team.

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Top lane: WP GJ. He just wins the lane. Tanky as hell and very useful for applying pressure.

Mid lane: Magnus. Do I need to say more? XD

Jungle: CP Joule. BrOkeN

Bot laner: Gwen or baron. Both of them extremely strong right now.

Roam: this is actually hard. Lorelai? Lyra? CW? So many good choices.

I like it. Folks - assume you have mechanically sound and skilled players. That’s why I like your bot WP lance pick. My one concern is 4 of your heroes are melee, and I also feel the comp is a bit weak early game, especially if the other team has good kiting and poking abilities. Nice comp though! Unique - at least to me.

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Honestly I could have dropped Melon as a top laner/jungle since her CC is quite oppressive.

And also I realized that at first too but Lance and GJ have both defensive aspects in their kit already.

And the same thing goes for CP Grace. Grace has a cp ratio on her Holy Shield and all incoming damage so if you were to hit the 200 cp cap and build all tank, you would have a good frontline-ing healer.

Ahh the days when CP Grace was a thing…

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Based on team synergy over the current meta here, what I’m trying to do is create a team that works regardless what patch we’re on.

Top: WP Grumpjaw. He provides a nice high weapon damage output and sustain this comp will need so as not to get defeated by shield.

Mid: CP Varya. The Chain power she can have right down midlane is destruction, Especially when she can pick up the CP treant buff.

Bot: CP Vox. This might seem like an odd one but Vox is a good hero and when this all comes together, you’ll see what I’m doing.

Jungle: I’d say WP Ardan. Maybe not so strong anymore, and probably never will be as he’s meant to be a captain, but I’ve always thought Junglers in VG sbould provide some extra support for their team as well. And his ult Can group enemies really well, which is what this team needs.

Cap: Churnwalker. He has the ability to group enemies up, which is exactly what this comp needs. I think you see where I’m going with this now.

So maybe this is a weird assortment of heroes, but as I mentioned, the idea is to group enemies up. Vox and Varya’s similar passives become so powerful when they can chain damage between heroes, and they have 3 abilities each that also compliment that (to quote Lance: Why hit one of you when I can hit all of you?). Churnwalker does that grouping better than any other hero. Ardan adds to that with his ult while being able to provide some extra damage of his own, and Grumpjaw is there to be the real WP threat and make sure enemies need to think about armour as well as shield.


I’ll add reasoning later, just thought this topic was too interesting not to comment on.

Top - WP Grump bandwagon.
Mid - CP Vox
Bot - WP Skye
Jungle - CP Malene
Roam - Churnwalker

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CP on grace is a must even as a captain. She got a lot going on around that CP: more heal, more shielding, longer shielding, more slow on second AA, more dmg (good ratios), more passive dmg reduction.


Not to mention the spiked damage share if churn is landing his hooks. That’s the scariest comp I’ve seen so far. I love it! Regardless of Ardan’s damage, his gauntlet with that comp alone makes him essential. Varya and vox alone with Churns hook and damage share do enough damage to scare a team. Well done!

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Here’s my crack at it, intentionally trying to mention heroes not mentioned so far.

Top: CP Reim: his reworked B combined with Journey boots is scary and warrants a strong consideration for the enemy team using a RB earlier than they want in a team fight. With eve of harvest he can spam Anand with the barriers and lifesteal makes him a stingy tank. Good cc and wave clear.

Mid lane: CP Skaarf. Love the longer range of his A. His ult is very scary. He can stay very far in the backline, avoiding harm, while constantly poking and harming the enemy. Great cc and wave clear.

Bot lane: WP Gwen. I like the reposition capability of her B and the stun it provides. Good single target damage. Good slow. Nice stun.

Jungler: Support/Utility Catherine. Her perk gets ridiculous in 5v5, love her silence. Good stun.

Roam: Phinn. Hook. Stun. Good barrier and ult.

I like this comp for the “frontline” and the meat shield that it is. The damage comes from the backline; big time. Reim packs a punch too. I feel it would be hard to ever get to Skaarf and Gwen as they shred enemies as Catherine and Phinn form an impenetrable wall. In this comp you have: 4 stuns, a silence, a root, barriers, and great counterplay with the potential to dive.

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  • top: CP Malene

  • mid: CP Skaarf

  • captain: Utility Churnwalker

  • jungle: Utility Ardan (SGB, Pulseweave, Crucible, Rooks, Capacitor, Atlas, War Treads) just putting build in because people do not seem to realize that pulseweave utility jungle build is great right now

  • bot: WP Baron.

Decent lane phase ramping into pretty insane late game. Only weakness is a fairly passive jungle pick, but churnwalker alone is not enough to keep such a squishy team safe and tank top does not work anymore.

Just as an alternate playstyle here is another comp:

Top: CP Reza

Mid: Varya

Captain: Utility Flicker

Bot: Blackfeather

Jungle: WP Inara

Pretty insane dive I think would come together quite well. Flicker is a garbage captain but in high level play with a coordinated team you could more than make up for that with the quite silly dive potential

I think it’s a fun comp, but you can’t put cath into jungle and Reim top. You’re putting these admittedly strong heroes in positions that just don’t suite them at the moment. lot’s of cc and peel, but you can achieve that in a far cleaner way while still picking unique heroes.

for example:

top: wp tony

mid: skaarf

bot: gwen

captain: phinn

jungle: reim.

now you have all these heroes on positions that fit them well, and a much more cohesive comp overall. If you want to run cath play her captain.

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I don’t think there’s such thing as a best comp but probably my favorite this patch would be:
Bot - Baron/Gwen. I like Gwen more but I think Baron works better with this.
Mid - Celeste
Top - Lance
Jungle - Ylva
Roam - Yates

This comp has tilting amount of CC and peel for carries. It’s not bad early and scales good into lategame. Just from experience works really well. Me and my friends use similar comp to counter some things including Joule. Overall very solid comp.

A team centered around one of my team mate’s Taka (It’s disgusting)

Top: Lorelai
Mid: Celeste
Bot: Baron
Jungle: Reim
Support: Ardan

CP Baron

Others will be heroes who coddle CP Baron and a WP carry I guess to distract enemies while CP Baron just his job.

Need I say more?

Flicker isn’t a garbage captain! Yes he works alot better with good team coordination but he’s still pretty good otherwise.


There no such thing , there only bad teammates so ideal teams never exist


Better Idea:

SAW, Ardan, Lyra, Grace, Lorelai.

SAW push turret. SAW rush mid.

Best plan all 5 mid and push down