Your favourite and least favourite hero abilities?

Hello there guys, there are over 100 hero abilities in the game right now, and I’d like to know what abilities players like the most, what they don’t and why?

Most fav: Attack of the Pack. Fortress ult. It’s just TOO COOL! Unleash chaos! I remember freaking out when facing a fortress when I started VG coz suddenly there were wolves running around and us getting chunked even though I thought we had the upper hand. And with 5v5… it just got better.

Least fav: Acrobounce. Ozo’s B. Fuck Ozo and to hell with that skill I can never pull off. And f that splash damage and fortified health. Eeeeeeeeeeee!


Most favorite: Attack of the Pack of Fortress. This ability provides so many aspect fit all path, WP/CP/Ultility. You can ultilize the fortified health, attack speed to fronline. You can even call out wolves to block projectiles (ie. Kestrel, Samuel.) to help your carry, you can even trigger Passive with it, you can even apply Mortal Wound (against Adagio and Lyra) and even slow. It’s like a little bit of everything in his ulti.

Least Favorite: Bloodsong of Glaive. Really SEMC just put this skill so that he got an ultimate :confused:. Crappy healing, crappy damage (CP path is not available anymore incase someone opposes). Just a tool to ks!

And according to Devs, his B is a tool to make him a front-liner.
And then they nerf his healing while still keep the raw damage high af.


Most favorite- well there are a lot of abilities tbh, but I would say Idris’ B. The way his kit revolves around his B is really interesting, and if you can’t combo properly his damage output isn’t that great.
Least favorite- Joules ult.
Pls nerf this some more…
Paired up with a Lance this is absolute cancer, and in soloQ apparently no one wants to walk out of it, and half the people I’ve seen don’t even know that SH exists :frowning:

Most favorite - Afterburn. Most versatile ability with peel, gank, escape, objective steal potential and its just so much fun punting enemies under turrets or towards allies
Least favourite - Xretsu. Stupid damage for such an easy to use ability and it adds mortal wounds too


Most favourite: Red Mist. Cuz it has cool sounds.
Least favourite: Glimmershot because ear bleeds


Fav : Arcane Passage, Death From Above, Merciless Pursuit, One Shot One Kill. I always imagine that Kestrel’s Ult can remove the fog of war along the ult’s line for some temporary seconds.
Not fav: Blood for Blood, Quibble, Malice and Verdict. Malice and Verdict is very hard to land and need a lot of practice.

Favourite: Pulse, idk, I love the sound and how the ability works and looks like.
Least one: Bright Bulwark?

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Vox’s resonance bounces and Idris’ melee thwangs.

2 of the most amazing sound effects in this game. Chocolate to the ears.


Favourite: Fairy Dust
fairies are just :heart_eyes_cat: and aq nice slow and great damage and moving :clap:

Least favourite: Mooncloak
If flicker had a different ult he would be such a nice jungler…

(We need a new jungle hero soon ok D:< with the quality of recent heroes (lorelai, cw, varya ect) I’m sure they could make a really great jungler)

My favourite -

Reza - Netherform Detonator - I just love the idea of completely escaping into the Nether Realm and watching those blank faces go ? ? ? where the heck did he just go ? ? ? then BOOM… Hello again, I’m here to kill you now…

Favorite: Roadie Run, Ion Cannon, Stuffed , Hellfire Brew, Termination Protocol
Least: Bloodsong, Binding Light, Combat Roll, Three-Ring Circus

how come no one likes that?!
And then theres gauntlet and phinn B

Favourite: Blast tremor, slam the ground in a cone and silence. And watch the opponent walk away cause they can’t do something is such a cool moment…
Least favourite: Blood for blood, why captain need this kind of ability anyway? Unless use to get close to allies to use vanguard easier. I always considered to see this skill rework.
And also Glaive’ ult, I don’t remember the name cause it is so useless to active the skill. Need rework too.

Most fav: Shroudstep. The fastest and most satisfying dash in the game. Especially when the basic attack buff procs with TB and crit… man. I just love how I can run past a Phinn, as his Quibble radius is above my head, and the next millisecond I am feet away, by the hypercarry as it dies, just as Phinn lands his A. He barely has time to compute all that! Plus the barrier is noice.

Least fav: Ardan’s A, Krul’s A, Ozo’s A. Seriously these are a PAIN to activate when the target is JUST at the edge of the radius because they make you stutter and lag even further behind. It’s so stressful I get fidgety by just typing this oml.


Favourite ability Verse of Judgement. I love the style and effect of this skill. If enemies either stay and risk getting blasted to shreds or they run in terror I absolutely love that!

Least favourite skill Ringo Hellfire brew. It is dumb as Fuck that a skill with 100% piercingaka true damage is unavoidable. I once used 3 mobility boosts to outrun it and I crossed half the bloody map yet it will follow you anywhere. No skill required by the user and no skill (except in kit blocks and items with block) by the target can stop it. Horrible design choice.

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Well, if you think about it, only CP Ringo’s do a lot of damage on HFB and you can essentially negate the main part of their kit by one reflex block, a 700 gold item. I believe thats a pretty nice deal.
It also requires the person to be near you, so if they are near you you can attack them.

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Favorite Ability: KAITEN: Ohhh, so satisfying to watch the enemies hopes and dreams melt away when they’re about to kill you and you just dodge all their damage and CC.

Least Favorite Ability: KAKU: Even I have to admit the amount of healing you get is bullshit.

Dude you aren’t reading. I said those things myself…

The problem is the infinite range and guaranteed hit. It should run out of fuel after a certain amount of meters travelled.

I hate ardan gauntlet. No matter how much I run, I cannot avoid it. And if I go into it, I get damaged and stunned. Only after waiting too long of a time can I evade it, but by then I’m already dead due to enemy jungler focusing me. Its so annoying.
Obviously reflex block can counter it, but it shouldn’t be a guaranteed no escape. There should be some gaps in the wall to escape from.