You know how salty am I right now?

Was playing Lorelai on top lane. gotta admit, top lane role is really hard and plus my hero was so squishy and I was building cp. Yep, from early until late game my kda stat was 1/9/5. I was hopeless at that moment and just want to surrender but my team insist like they had a hope we could make a comeback. Turns out it was really a comebac. The team fight happened and my team won and could get a blackclaw. Another team fight happened and it ended up I fought with three enemies while all of my team were dead. With the salty quote of Lorelai, surprisingly I can get an ace. My team was firing back, doing split push (top and mid) until the match was at the point where once one of a team get an ace, you win. I was so relieved at that moment and just because a small mistake when we about to get a victory…

The enemy got an ace and we lose in a blink of seconds…

We play VG not hard to tell how salty we are most of the time :^)

Ha you don’t play VG.

@op this happens a lot to me when my teammates don’t take the winning push when we get an ace. People think you need a black claw but pushing the turrets is so much stronger. And if you are not winning the push just retreat and then take black claw. Then it’s GG.

If you’re top lorelai you should be prepared for a 1v2 or any toplaner should, also what i do when im cp lorelai is take skill B, put some vision on the bush beside the left side of the shop then go to the enemy jungle (go to your CP buff then go to the enemy side) then take their WP, because usually they’ll try to steal your heals and the CP buff so you have time and when you get caught(if?) You have your B as an escape.

I forgot who suggested this strat i think its @Xaldarian or @NinjaBryden i cant remember who?? lool

Not me. I do not play enough Lorelai to give good input on her lol

I meant that you steal the enemies wp buff while they’re taking your jungle strat. Not about loreali

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