You have to take the last Hero you played as out on a date. What do you do?

Title. Trying to conjure up something odd. Tell me.

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@idmonfish that ninja edit had me shook for a second


this should probably be in offtopic buuuut,
It is Phinn and we gonna smash bro :opaf:

I was thinking about that, actually. I was looking for somewhere akin to heroes but I suppose off-topic would be better suited.

Also, goodness gracious.

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are you in the offtopic group?
also, it was actually my bae alpha and we gonna smash anyway because she probably gotta vibration setting if you know what i mean

Yeah, I am. This character minimum gets to me sometimes.

Edit: see, you’re thinking this through!

Well I think I played grumpjaw last?
Yeah let’s not…

You should have played another game before replying. :weary:

I like to play Catherine a lot.

We would take a walk in a small quiet park and have a chat. After about an hour or when we have nothing else to talk about we should change into fancy clothes and go to a fancy restaurant. A change in scenery and some time separated (while changing) should be enough to stimulate some new conversation. Once satiated and bored again of conversing, we go home and watch The Hunt on Netflix. We sit together based on how close we’ve grown over the course of the day (so probably just directly beside each other).

Next time we could do something a bit more active and outgoing like a theme park or natural geographic attraction.


Ringo. We would go hunting on our first date - I like a sense of danger. :joy:

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“…they pull out a knife, I pull out a gun…”

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My last match I play koshka.
So i will go to jail

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Koshka. For real.

I would take her out on a walk through the woods and in the woods go hunting with her. She would be at ease and I get to see her in action. Afterwards I could roast her kill.

Dinner in the forest, let’s see what happens afterwards.

(Happily married guy following rules of fiction)

No weird stuff, I’d just take Fort to the vet.


Would have rated funny/awesome.

You’re gonna get swallowed or any part of your body get swallowed, or something that come out from your body will get swallowed.

Yeah grace
Nothing to see here, move along guys. It just me walking with a girl holding a morning star.

Take him to a casino, buy him drinks and give him some cash to blow on the tables. Then we go to the gun range!
Sounds romantic!

I wish I never read this.


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I think he (she?) will be fun dating with.

No, I’m not into those kind of things if you’re wondering.

Bromance found. Your new besty for life.

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