YLVA 3v3 ? Junglers?

She is good, but no one picks her. Why would you pick a good hero when you can pick a broken one?

Good luck surviving against Joule, reim or GJ.

You don’t understand that the dash puts her in a bad position for a WP ranged carry like her? Idk how to explain it. As a WP ranged squishy target, you want to kite and dance around the fights because her B doesn’t have as much burst (WP), this positioning is destroyed by a dash that makes you dive in the middle of the enemy team.
Her ult is basically useless in that mode, like there is not many places you can put it and it’s quite predictable.

She isn’t impossible to use, she is just not a meta pick in 3v3, but is still viable. Just why would you pick her? There are a range of other broken heroes you can pick that are far better. She plays bad into most meta picks: joule, reim, GJ destroy her as junglers; Yates, Lance, lorelai, Lyra makes her life hell with their ability to stop her burst and cancel her dash; baron, Gwen, Magnus, Silvernail, kinetic just laughs at her; and Malene can beat her in both jungle and lane. She counters heroes that aren’t used.

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How to counter pick Anka: pick Reim, is far better option tha Ylva


A couple of people here need to take a deep breath before posting again. Or I’ll make sure you do.

Yeah I agree with guest her B is so bad and I see people getting killed because of using her B , maybe because positioning in fights are different between 3v3 and 5v5 , like she could use her B without risk due to the big map and split heroes , while in 3v3 heroes closer to each other and vision op you can’t land your ult trap .

I just meant I played her on 3 different accounts as every account is different experience basically.

I think you’re the one not understanding the hero. She is ranged but not really long range. She plays like a melee hero more than ranged. She is an assassin not ADC. She doesn’t need to keep her distance as she can’t fight from a distance. Her B is like Koshka’s A or BF’s A.

I don’t know if you talking about 3v3 but in 3v3 her mine is basically undodgeable lol.

wat? She literally insta kills them.

Literally my first 3 games in about 6 months in 3v3. On top of not knowing what rotations are, what the mine does, meta or anything I had 2 double WPs with early MJs from enemies and I still did good, damage and KDA. She’s really not bad at all, I just think people don’t know how to use her.

If that’s not enough if you want I can record gameplay for you too. I don’t mind showing you how I literally take 80% of someone’s HP without any damage items and only boots. No joke.

I assume I’m one of those. In that case I don’t think I’m insulting or offending anyone (just defending my point of view) and also don’t feel offended or anything by anyone else.

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Yeah Iam actually interested on seeing a 3v3 YLVA gameplay , especially how you position and when you fight , and are you a good player that picking YLVA or any hero doesn’t matter you going to win anyway ? , because I need an explanation to why YLVA players doing so bad with her .

You want teamfight footage, first few rotations or like an entire match? Tell me and I see when I can get one as right now I’m doing full parties. But I probably can a bit later or tomorrow.

Yeah what did you do to get advantage and deal a lot of damage , the YLVA Iam getting in soloq they barely deal damage , it’s like a cp hero basic attacking .

As wp she doesn’t have that burst.

Too predictable and easy to spot (and destroy).

They make any of her banks useless.

Ylva is really strong if she can abuse her earlygame power to creat a large gold lead, so she doesn’t fall hard in late game. She has no neutral matchups, so if you face a squishy hero in early you destroy them, but if you face any bruiser such us GJ, koshka or Reim, Ylva is completely useless, an right now, jungle meta is focused on those bruisers who are extremely powerful earlygame.

In draft I would use her against range enemies in jungle such as Kestrel, Skye… Or squishies like BF or Anka. Other than that, she is pretty weird because she relies to much on enemy positioning to land her A-B combo if CP (and WP gets outranged by most carries, and her B can’t be used to dash against melee heroes).

About builds: CP is the most powerful, but WP can be played to, however very few ppl plays her WP path due to the inconsistences in her kit (a range hero who gets at melee range is not usually a good idea unless you are trying to last hit an enemy hero — like SAW’s A)

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I agree, she is a good counter to certain heroes, the problem is that those heroes right now aren’t being used, but if the enemy picks them, pick Ylva.

No joke but that’s actually funny. I’m recording video for Legendary soon anyway so I’ll show you how she has no burst or damage at all.

Depends on how you use it.

What do you mean?

Guest mentioned Joule, I purposely left her open and early game was pretty easy as was the game lol. She was 1 point away from silver and I hadn’t played 3v3 in about half a year.

Kinda funny because BF isn’t too bad into her lol. He was the one doing the best against me and I faced 2 BFs.

WP and CP have the same kit… If anything CP is the inconsistent and that’s why I don’t play CP.

What’s the difference between Anka and Ylva? Or Ylva and Koshka? Yes she has ranged attacks, doesn’t mean she’s Ringo. There’s exceptions to everything. When BF was meta he was melee hero that barely went in melee range.

@Guest_78 @VaKTaBi I’ve got 1 question. How do you get your information about her? Theory crafting? Have you played her and what build? And if not then did you just face an Ylva or 2 and judge?

@LegendaryE One more idea I’ve got. If you’re EU we can just play together instead of video (even though I will record it anyway after I’m done with removing decay). If anyone else wants to play with my Ylva or against (you just need to find some people to play with you) and is EU I don’t mind that either. Just tell me.

She doesn’t have as much burst as CP.

I honestly don’t know, the corrector changed what I wrote idk why (it doesn’t make sense now) and I don’t remember what I wanted to say.

Playing, stats, talking with high tier players (VG silver-gold).

As Joule I beat Ylva without any problem, and if you see high elo streams, the result is the same. BF: as Ylva you can make great early pressure, but in late, BF destroys you.

About her WP path: a range carry in melee range? Is that a joke? The difference between Anka and her is that Anka can scape and has invulnerability with her B. With Koshka, well, koshka is far tankier than Ylva.

How I get this information? No, I don’t play Ylva, and I won’t ever play her, it I faced her many times. And looking VG silver and gold streams.

I just hope someone look for YLVA 3v3 and find this thread and learn the best way to play her in 3v3 , it’s not like I want to learn how to play her , I just want to see her in 3v3 playing to her strength , people playing her like anka they just farming and waiting something they don’t know what , you said she can be early pressure , ok how you apply this pressure early in 3v3 and how you deal with good snowball heroes like others here saying.

Of course. They have same abilities but different ratios. WP gets attack speed boost and can actually deal damage outside of her B though. The burst isn’t much different either.

And I don’t really have much problem against her and she’s one of the most broken heroes currently.

You just can’t understand there’s exceptions. If she had exact same stats even attack range but was melee you wouldn’t ask this question. Yet if her AA is a projectile it’s a problem. Sure she’s not Krul but honestly her B is not a problem at all. Even if it was how come for CP it’s a good ability but for WP it’s suddenly bad? Just don’t get it.

I don’t know about that invulnerability on B you’re talking about but Anka’s ult has pretty long CD and needs to be closer than Ylva to do her damage.

Not really far tankier. Also she requires you to stay close. Ylva’s combo is really fast so if you can’t stand there and AA you at least have dealt your main source of damage.

Also neither Koshka nor Anka have such strong CC on low cooldowns.

@LegendaryE Ok. If you wanna play just PM me. If not I’m still working on the video. I tried to get it today but I was against some jungle Catherine, jungle Magnus etc. Just don’t think that’s worth posting lol.

I am having high successes using Ylva lately. Comparing her CP and WP path, I prefer the latter because I think it’s better. On CP, you are highly dependent on your skills to make your damage count. Using B jumping in the middle of a fight is risky, if you won’t get a kill, most probably you’ll be killed yourself as she is squishy and enemies will most likely direct their attacks on you. Your AAs don’t really count. Unlike a WP Ylva, after jumping in, you will still be a threat as your AAs will hurt and most likely will get you the kill you intended.

Using her so far gives me that satisfying feeling as she is a “Hard” hero in the first place and to be good at her, it requires some skills. Her A-B-Ult-A-B combo is perfect! It’s funny to see enemies running once they see you prepping your A followed by your B and when you Ult, either enemies will take it down or just run for them not to be rooted. Whoever gets rooted will surely be the target of the next A-B or B combo - then poof! …dead. :smiley:

Oh! And one or two more ranked game(s), and I’ll have one star mastery on her. :heart:

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