YLVA 3v3 ? Junglers?

I played with and against YLVA players in 3v3 , and I don’t understand what she supposed to do in the 3v3 mode , I even played with a guy spamming her and losing game after game , and it’s easy win for my team if she got picked by enemy , is she bad in 3v3 in general or is the 3v3 changes not good for heroes like her ? , or is the weapon path bad ? Because all of them played her wp .

Is she a good pick A side or do you need to pick her last ? , and what does she counter ?! And are other junglers better than her as counters or do what she does but better ?

I actually feel bad when I see her get picked .

Yeah, I’ve tried playing her in 3v3, and it doesn’t usually go well. I’m interested to hear what others think – maybe I need to change my build or something?


In the sense of being a WP jungler, shes REALLY lackluster. Her only damage comes from her B and thats about it.

Wp is weak and her CP is heavily dependent on her one ability which isnt that good.

I find that every other assassin out preforms her and the same.

Can’t really give advice about 3v3ing with her. I haven’t played that mode in like 3 patches but WP Ylva is really really strong so if she’s underperforming either 3v3 isn’t for her or the players don’t know what they’re doing.

You talking about 3v3 or in general?

In general. She’s pretty much dependent on one ability and if she cant pull it off, shes done for.

I think she has the case of the Inara syndrome in which she doesnt have enough damage overall her kit and is more teambased with utility than like I said, individual damage as a sole character.

In my opinion people played ylva as cp… cause stun and trap cause a huge chunk of damage

Her WP path is bad, or at least not as good as her cp path. This is for 2 main reasons:
Her A: for you to stun you need to stop attacking, which as a WP carry is not something you like to do. It reduces your DPS and makes you useless for 1.2s (maxed).

Her B: it risks your positioning, and unlike CP Ylva, you will waste either the speed boost (to take advantage of your attack speed) or your attack speed boost (to use the speed one to reposition), either way you are wasting one of the buffs, and the fact that you are in a bad position will reduce your DPS if you decide to scale or will kill you if you decide to scape.

She is bad in 3v3, her laning phase is none existent, there is no reason to use her, she is just a far worse ringo (WP) and her CP side is horrible in lane.
As a jungler, her farming is bad, and she is extremely vulnerable to the other junglers. Also her ganking potential isn’t that good, specially when the roam is in lane. In a meta were snowballing jungle is key, she is just weak, doesn’t have presence in jungle. Her burst (CP) early to mid is good when she comboes her B, but in late game she is a joke. There aren’t that many places to put a sneaky trap, so her C is basically useless in the mode.
In general, I don’t think she needs a buff at all, she has enough damage, but her kit just isn’t good in the mode.
If I was gonna use her, she is specially good against melee laners that can’t be out of range from the bushes, other than that there is no reason to actually use her, maybe against squishy junglers?

No, better not pick her. If you enjoy her, you can make her work, it isn’t like she is useless, she is viable, but not meta. If you pick her first, you are calling for a reim or GJ (which are both top tier) and you will lose your jungle.

Mainly melee laners that can’t stay out of range from the bushes. Sadly it’s very easy to ping her down when she dives and the laner usually builds SH, which negates completely her damage, and she has no reliable scape.

All meta junglers are better than her, and her job as an assassin is better achieved by Anka, koshka, BF, GJ… as I said, apart from you enjoying her, there is no reason to pick her.


You’re describing CP Ylva not WP. WP has enough damage. Early game she literally 1 shots laners. Later on her DPS gets better as her burst drops. Almost every game I have higher or similar to mid laners damage and she’s single target hero. What you said is literally why I played only 1 CP Ylva game and never again (besides the no lane clear…). CP Ylva is so unreliable. I see even pro players either totally dominating or getting destroyed playing her. WP is reliable. She’s probably top 3 gank potential heroes right now. Later on she still has a lot of damage but also really good CC so it’t not like she falls off.

That’s not dropping your DPS though. It’s literally around 1k base damage without the damage boost. How is that waste of DPS? I mean sure she doesn’t attack for one and a half second but she makes up for that more than enough.

If that’s waste of a buff then Ringo’s B is a bad ability I guess.

As I said I haven’t played 3v3 so I don’t know if you mean only in 3v3 but RiseChu was talking about both so I’d reply that way.

These are the games I have on Ylva, all ranked. I only played her once as CP and casual the first time I tried her. After that all WP all ranked. Almost all of the games in VG silver:

She’s literally top tier hero. As I said with very few exceptions I do more damage than heroes like Celeste and Skaarf consistently. She’s not barely viable. She’s in my opinion top 3 junglers right now in 5v5.

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240 + 100% of WP damage, not 1k.

Ringo doesn’t jump in the middle of the enemy and doesn’t have the shortest range of a ranged carry. Also 80% more attack speed > 40%

I’m talking about 3v3. In 3v3 she is weak.


The thread is about her viability in 3v3, though.

But you don’t count B though. Why would you A without using B? Unless you want just a stun in which case you’ve got a reliable stun. Neither case makes it useless and it’s actually pretty useful.

Ringo is not an assassin either. The mechanic is the same. How is Ringo not wasting the power up while Ylva is? They have the same buffs. Ringo might shoot faster but it’s literally the same mechanic. Also Ringo doesn’t take 80% of someone health bar when he uses B.

As I said I don’t know. I believe you. I replied about 5v5 because RiseChu said he meant both. And she’s certainly not weak in 5v5 at least. I might test her in 3v3 myself to make sure because I don’t really think she’s that useless. Besides all the CC she has good early game and with her almost instant kill I don’t see why she would be bad when there’s only 1 carry and 1 jungler opposed to multiple in 5v5. Also Guest you said Anka is really strong in 3v3? Ylva is pretty damn good into her so that’s another reason she should be decent at least.

You depend on the stun for significant damage.

Because he doesn’t need to scape after using a dash that puts him in a terrible position? WP Ylva doesn’t have as much damage with her B.

It’s good in 3v3 (Anka). So far Ylva doesn’t perform well in the mode.

Because if she is jungler, it’s extremely easy for the enemy to just snowball her hard and she can’t do anything. For ganking she needs to buy boots to reliably be able to stun and B, which puts her behind in damage compared to other junglers (which makes it easier to snwoball) and makes her have less impact. With the roam being 90% in lane ganking even with boots isn’t easy.

Isn’t it the same for all heroes?


It has lower CD than B.

She wants to be close. Yes she is ranged but it’s not like she’s Ringo. Take for example Koshka’s A. Is it bad because it’s a gap closer? No. Same for Ylva. About the damage, just give me a few hours when I play I’ll show you her B damage. I’m pretty sure it’s just about few times more than Ringo’s.

I meant Ylva does really well into Anka. Why not counter pick her?

Might be true. Still I don’t believe Anka would be able to snowball her.

You misunderstood me I think. I meant she has insta kill potential. It’s much more impactful with less carries.

I really do disagree with you saying her WP path is good. If anything, its probably more so in 3v3 but in 5v5 CP is the better choice.

You already talked enough about with @Guest_78 but I agree with him on most of his points.

WP on Ylva in the 5v5 environment is straight up questionable.
Her damage is mediocre compared to another WP jungler and if she is played in lane, she is easily pushed over by any decent WP Carry.

CP is a different story tho.

Totally agreeable. But once again if the enemy team is smart enough to by :vgitem_celestialshroud: or :vgitem_slumberinghusk: ,shes pretty much outta the game for a couple of seconds. I would rather pick Anka over Ylvas CP path.
Same thing goes for Anka but she has a better assassin/finishing kit.

But thats my opinion.


Because no one picks Anka.

Not if she can’t survive in jungle, and her late game is pretty meh.

That comparison doesn’t apply. Koshka has a lot more mobility and doesn’t wast an attack speed boost.

??? I don’t understand why this comparison but ok. Of course that B is gong to have more damage than ringo’s. When I said that as wp she was a worse ringo, it’s because overall she is, as wp, a weaker version of ringo, even if her B ability deals more damage, which is quite obvious given that Twirling Silver has 5 base damage.

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I mean I’ve been able to play her and play alongside her in 3v3. Placing her ult in the correct locations is the key really. I myself like to captain with her, but I recommend CP over WP if you wanna carry. Obviously playing her with cc heavy heroes works best cause her B is her main damage output when CP, and Make her bursty with a CW for the cooldown, you want both the A and the B up as often as possible.


I mean you’re allowed to think whatever you want but I am the only one who put proof to my point.

What the hell? Tell me 1 WP jungler who can do more damage than Ylva?

One WP jungler who can do that amount of damage?

If they get Shroud that means you’re CP Ylva not WP. If they get Husk they have no block…? You have 2 hard CC abilities. Would be very fun to see how they’d survive my teamfighting with a husk. It might give you double HP but it doesn’t make you invincible against a team. Husk isn’t really that good of an item on carries. It’s mostly used on tanky warriors/supports that already have tons of defense and block(s).

??? Wat? So is she good or not? You said Anka is a good jungler and I’m telling you to counter pick with Ylva. No idea what you mean contradicting yourself.

I mean her early game is strong but nevermind.

I didn’t understand your point. But both heroes have an ability that’s a gap closer. I don’t get why it’s different. BF has the same one, again not a bad ability.

Again I don’t get what that contradiction is supposed to show me. Does she have as much damage as him or not?

To both of you. I didn’t know Ringo and Anka have 5 sec CD on a targeted stun and teamwide root. Even then Ylva keeps up in damage as well (well maybe not with 5v5 Anka but not very far either). If anything WP Ylva is the one able to finish unlike Anka (on fail to kill with her combo) and CP Ylva. So awkward when you don’t 1 shot your target as CP Ylva and you just stay there like “It’s just a prank bro” as you’re literally useless and could get killed by 1 hp carry.

What proof do you have that that is backed by someone else that isnt you?

1 person playing about 40 games on 3 different accounts is better proof than none to be honest.

I’m in 3v3 rank queue right now by the way. I haven’t played this mode in half a year but I still don’t think she would do that bad.

Ok? I have one main account, secondary account, and one unactive account so I really don’t understand why are questioning my proof when yours is just as mediocre than hard stats from a api or pro/creditable player.

I also dont think she is that bad but as I stated she isnt that great either.

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