Yay im the only one who locked in lane

qued up 5v5 thinking, “this will be a nice game!”

everyone else instalocked a jungle role (koshka, taka, baptiste, and joule)

I managed to convince joule to go to top lane, but it all fell apart as i stopped caring throughout the match


Joule could bot, Koshka could mid, and Bap could go top or captain…

Koshka not a great laner, was forced to do this vs a Celeste and it was horrible. Stuns and super novas hurt and made farming impossible…

Kinda standard though, always annoys me when people refuse to lane, it’s like okay so that’s match over then.

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I’ve been having a series of games where people JUST DON’T GO MID. Everyone wants the buff and then run to sidelanes… Me included.

One game had no one in mid lane, from either team, till 6 mins.

Joule can handle Celeste. Baptiste can handle a mobile carry and you can handle the third lane. No problems seen…

Midlane=multiple ganks per minute.

Top and bot get occasionally ganked.

Everyone but me and joule just went and harassed the crap out of the bot lane

Mid lane is tricky, certain hero’s are not advisable (saw for instance) as you’ll be getting ganked consistently.

Often find roams that don’t support mid lane, they wander off to help their guild mate then wonder why your struggling to 1v3.

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