Yates anouncement (Lore)

A bit of lore for Yates


Where they get seraphim knowledge from? I thought they were all dead besides Adagio.(who’s half)


Even Adagio said the Churn cant be defeated… Its not cannon until SV says It . They are contradicting themselves in the lore just because they dont allow SV do It :confused:


I thought sugarvenom does it all so she contradicting herself?

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We need to know two things.
The faction.
The moment in time, perhaps hundreds of years have passed…

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I REALLY dont want SEMC to be touching the lore of what we know. Dropping hints about his lore …

But they cant fill in the lore plot holes with Anka and Silvernail


Reminds me of Rise of Iron from destiny xD

Welp… that confirms it… he’s a Captain. I wonder what “men” he commands.

I don’t like his voice… i feel like it should be deeper.