Wrong hero displayed in draft?

It happens to me sometimes that my allys pick a hero and then when game loads they have a different hero. Just now i played with petal and i could swear nobody picked petal in draft.

Does this happen to anybody else? Or am i imagining it?

You aren’t seeing hero trades? You can trade heroes in draft you know…

Not that. People pick a hero in draft like catherine. And when game starts that guy is petal. And im shocked because i didnt see her in draft on our side. The guy chose catherine.

This wasnt first time something like this happen.maybe bad concentration from me but im not crazy.

Probably switched to her quickly

I think this is happened to me recently but Iam not 100% sure
I remember a hero picked in draft but didn’t see it when game started

Like it could be something our brain makes when we distracted , you think you saw something but in reality it was something else .

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