WP TAKA NERFS? More like beating a dead horse

This update totally propelled me to take to the forums!
Why according to you ppl was wp taka nerfed so hard., but at the same time cp taka was buffed to stand his own in mid to late game?
The thing that frustrates me the most is this completely pointless change:

  • Duration
    • 14s → 10s
  • Charge Time
    • 4-0.4s → 2-1s

Not only have they reduced the freq of mortal strikes but also made maintaining the HK perk at max stacks hard.
The latter maybe justified by reasons concerning his ease of use (easy? wp taka …what do u ppl think?) but srsly the 1s delay is killing taka.

It not only reduces his already low dps but also interferes with his fluid mechanics (i feel his mortal strikes are smooth af especially in his default and nightshadow skin).

So why were these changes implemented ? To mitigate tension bow proc enhancement? But how does that not apply for gwen ? In fact every other wp hero in the current meta on whom tension bow is so good on. So why so much hatred towards taka?

IK he was once too oppressive, i joined the game much later when his wp was shit. Was happy that he was finally making a great comeback but my god this is a huge blow! And why buff CP taka , just destroy that cancerous playstyle to oblivion!

Heck i dont care if his bonus wp is nerfed. Or the duration of HK, but just why would u even consider nerfing something on which the whole (buttttteeeerrrrryyyyy smoooottthhhh) playstyle revolves around.

I will soon be posting a taka rework proposal, because u know semc just hates this character!
Will be addressing his most annoying playstyle!

On a side note: I almost never play 5v5 so i dont really understand the meta there. Is taka good? I mostly play 3v3 casual. Would love a good analysis from pros. Taka imo is as squishy as many carries and he just gets deleted too easily., especially in 5v5, (and i am a bit aggressive and not used to 5v5 landscape).


I don’t feel this is really Salt Mine material – while a bit salty about 3.8 (aren’t we all?), you raise some issues that are worth discussing so I promoted it to a real category. :sunglasses:

Also, welcome!

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Thanks!! I am new here i was confused b/w the two categories.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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To be honest I’ve barely played this patch. I played a few games, didn’t have fun so just stopped. My point is I haven’t played Taka so I don’t know for sure but from what I see I completely agree. For some reason SEMC always ignored WP Taka in need and nerfed when good and always promoted CP Taka making him viable. I just don’t understand that idea. WP Taka is so much more fun to play, takes muuuuch more skill to use while CP is just annoying. He doesn’t fight, he throws his abilities and kakus away. Everyone hates playing against CP Taka because it’s just annoying. And yet they keep giving us CP Taka. Only Nivmett was working on WP Taka but even then he wasn’t very viable. It’s just stupid in my opinion but then again 2 of my other favorite heroes have it even worse so I don’t know what else to expect.


His damage was one of the few heros that could reach 1000 damage per AA which is one of the reasons why the ratio was nerfed.

Old BP fully stacked with two monocles and either a SorrowBlade or SpellSword. To get that Thicc damage :sleepy:

It wasn’t abused by pros because Taka had to stack on a target to get the crazy amount of damage and that meant that Taka was more susceptible to being bursted or kited to death.

Takas perk being able to crit is just amazing by itself

No good reason at all, hes already the lowest winrate and pickrate yet he gets another huge nerf. Only reason i can think of is hes getting a rework soon.


I totally agree with gatorrex. Playing that build is anyway suicide against half decent players. Most of wp taka nerfs are totally uncalled for in my opinion. Even in the last patch one had to build a lot of tank to at least survive the initial burst. And then came all cc…

Anyway this patch has been worse for squishy heroes with the nerfs to husk and that unprecedented move to make tension now a god tier item.

And man gatorrex , love ur gameplays!!

Cause TB Gwen totally can’t do 1000 damage lmao. (I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if Max stacks BP Adagio could too actually)

Last patch, she actually couldn’t :slight_smile:️ cuz one of the devs (from what I can remember) said her perk cant crit.

Alot of WP can reach 1k this patch due to how broken everything this.


SEMC doesn’t know that word since they wanna keep pumping out new heros and leave the terrible trio (Saw, Petal, Taka, and some can argue BF) with their half or just straight up horrible kits that no longer work in the current update

lol saw and petal work. bf struggles & so does Taka. Mind you Taka was kinda meant to be cp so…

BF… :disappointed_relieved: :cry: :sob:

Taka was originally meant to be wp. Also, saw is useless, 10% pick rate and 42% win rate is not what I would call “work”, specially for a hero that doesn’t have a high skill floor.


Saw isnt great because to how restrictive you have to play…

He great in low tiers since they dont fully grasps the concept of countering or atlas but High tiers is completely different story that I rather not get into.

Petal is a jumbled mess of a kit. Her A is solely for her CP path and her B caters to her WP path as well. Her ult is mostly supportive. Shes gonna be forever SITUATIONAL if her kit stays like that lol.

Bf is missing 1/3 of his kit and.

Taka was actually meant to be WP. Just kidding but he never had a primary path to choose. From his release, SEMC gave him two strong paths. NOT ONE

Not being aggressive but just stating from what ive seen from all the years


He is missing 1/2 of his kit when wp.


I mean in a balanced game tho? Anything can do 1k damage if you go into practice but 6 sorrow blades and hit an enemy who’s lv1

I never base my info off a practice match because there isnt anything to gain from it besides looking at skins.

And yes, 1k in a 5v5 casual mode.

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CP SAW has much less limitations. Petal A is her main source, agreed. Her B can also be used as an escape when, if played well, alleviates her from needing boots. Her C is also a great heal on overdrive, and with the right build, she becomes a dot dmger with great heal. She struggles mid but early & late she can be powerful.

BF is definitely missing his slow & rose trail along with C cooldown. I sorta agree on Taka.

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BF is such a pain as they murdered him, instead of balance it, even if hard to do it’s possible. Maybe little strong or little weak given patch, but always fun to play. He was so much fun to play and I really don’t agree with the changes that striped him from his identity.


Never understood why they won’t ever look back into older heroes and try to fix them. For example compare any new hero to some/most of the older ones. How can you balance Ringo when only thing he has is dishing out damage. It’s either too much or not enough. They should just actually rework older heroes so they can be viable for more than a patch or 2.