WP Skaarf New Meta!

Spitfire, auto attack and watch the world burn. You saw it here first folks.


I used to do that a lot when I was playing with my guildies – so fun! Lol

Crit Skaarf used to be hilarious, you’d run DE and double TT back in the patch when DE was busted

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Have you ever tried wp or support celeste?
I actually tried support celeste because once both of my teammate instalocked carry and i got angry. We lost but i had the best kda, landed a ton of stuns and i had a lot of fun

support celeste was so fun… I miss those times when I was labelled as toxic in low tier

edit: it was rank match hehe. and Celeste was my main back then…


Nah lads. WP Flicker is where it’s at.

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SawPort FTW…

What a coincidence i was playing ranked too! I had a great early game but then i fell off late

This one guy was highlighting SAW because someone on my team first picked Celeste. The guy highlighting SAW was supposed to play captain and the Skye jungle who hasn’t said anything in draft (but was cooperative) said “DO IT” and “NO BALLS.” And boom we had SAWport that match we won it was gg I wish I would have been lagging less to get my quadra but eh I died while trying to do that. Only thing that SAW could have done better was to land his B.

WP Samuel. If people are interested I can do this more often? I’m quite having fun playing these games :haha:

WP Celeste is a troll, she has nothing in Belitta which synergises with WP. Though I have played support Celeste with frostburn, which was mildly amusing.

WP Samuel was OP for a patch or two after his release, but then they nerfed his Heroic Perk.

i actially love her wp build but sigh… sad he only has one path now