WP Samuel (New Meta?)

So i played some casuals with my team last night and i stumbled upon this interesting feat. I know im probably not the first to discover this but i thought it was great when i went 14/0. I want to know your guys’ opinion on this samuel wp build see if theres something i could change. Btw, the skye im pretty changed her build like 3 times and the BF prob just stopped building after dieing everytime he came back, but Cathrine played very well

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He is not viable. No attack speed buff like Ringo, no wp ratios ,not enough kiting potential like vox, Ringo or petal. Every other wp laner will outdamage him with one lesser offense item as his damage output cannot be amplified by ratios or other inherit mechanisms

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Ouch. ok thanks for the input. At least it was a cas. Still fun to play regaurdless

Hehehe, Adagio doesn’t have wp scaling but still was the top laner in some updates thanks to Chuck.

Adagio had the best range in the game and damage amplification with some cc. Does sam have any of that?

The ability to bully every other laner

Like? He cant bully anyone in wp path.

In early he has more damage than his cp counter path. He can bully with his passive.

Who exactly? Maybe vox and other meele laners but every ranged laner can outdamage him easily. Saw? Ringo? Gwen? They have viable wp paths and can mow him down once he gets in range. His heal isn’t going to help him outdamage other laners, he can sustain and survive but that is it. Surviving and bullying are entirely different

He can bully both Ringo and Gwen, he can deal more less the same damage as them, but he can heal himself, so eventually they will have lower health than Samuel, I mean, that why he was top tier in 5v5, he could bully all laners.

How can he deal the same damage as gwen or Ringo? Gwen has her perk and Ringo has his B to amplify damage, what does sam have?

No, but his passive gives him bonus damage.

Dude I’m assuming you played vs a bunch of low skill scrubs in a casual match? Tell me this wasn’t a ranked game…

Adagio s B provides an empowered attack which in early game gives him a massive advantage. He also has a huge range which is why he is a grey counter pick to a a CP Vox early game.

Adagio can out trade a saw early game (well he could) he has superior range and DMG output from his B ability. He could bully every WP carry in the game early game if played well. His issue was always tha he fell off hard late game which is why his CP path is ofte preferred.

I know, I was just saying how some heroes can become viable as wp without wp scalings and wp amplification mechanics.

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Yeah my bad to eager to flame :fire: sorry…

I was speaking about wp sam. I know adagio could bully saw, I used him to counter 2.9 saw

WP sam seems bad to me, nothingin his kit would benefit from being WP

Doesn’t seem, it’s bad, or even more, it’s horrible.

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