Wp petal builds

Was wondering if anyone has some off meta builds they like I’ve been using SB TTx2 and TM I just tried BP TT TT and TB I really liked it as long as you can keep your stacks up and use TB effectively…please share your builds thank you!

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For WP Petal I go SB TT And last TT or TM depending on situation, but needs a captain for late game as other carries can wreck her. Also CP Gwen is OP, I tried SG BM CW and the damage was unbelievable this is quite useful in mid lane as you can hit more with her A and the ult also does amazing damage.

Really? Wow I’ve never used cp Gwen her wp is really strong right now especially with her passive and a TB

But rip her slow tho, hard dive heroes destroy her harder than they destroy a celeste or a cp kestrel

@Gatorrex do u lane, jungle or roam? I usually main bot lane so I stick with wp builds cause the buff is right there

Jungle bububububububububububububu30 chars

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Who do you think is the strongest jungler right now

PS…(ik we’re getting way off topic now)

krul, koshka, alpha, taka, grumpjaw, rona, everyone else i havent played in that order

Yeah dude I love Rona right now I use TT with BP to make stacks faster and just destroy ppl