WP Idris a monster?

I had a weird draft today and ended up with jungler role. I heavily dislike jungle and thought what the hell I’ll just pick a strong hero.

I took WP Idris which I haven’t played in ages. I played him a lot before 5v5 came out and then not anymore.

I picked up a double kill very easily early game and now see why so many people have a lot of success with him.

I was 11/6/12 and our captain refused to get vision vs a well playing Taka. Which cost me some deaths…

His ability to dash away or become untargettable is almost unparalleled. He is mobile in a game where mobility is power.

He is very capable of staying connected to a target, every hit will lower your cooldowns.

I had build SB BP TT and was hitting like a truck, a fast truck at that.

I don’t know how meta he is right now (I got bashed for picking him) but he is certainly very strong.

What do you guys think about WP Idris as jungler/bottom laner…

Similar thing happened to me. I’m a melee lover but I couldn’t play WP Idris. CP I can and pretty much every pther melee but not WP. But I got something like mid Skye and top Gwen and I had to jungle. I decided to pick Idris to practice at least and also I didn’t wanna play whatever was open. I went 14/0 and liked it. Next game I pretty much instalocked him when it was my turn. Bot this time. I got 3 pentas that game lol. I definitely think bot Idris is better but I don’t like it (the position) so I’d rather jungle.


I used him a lot when he came out - I think I’ll try him in some casuals now, see if I can still use him.

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Tornado trigger is very very good on him.
SB BP TT is so sick. I sm a SSw user on most WP carries but Idris doesn’t need it at all due to no energy req…

Been using him since 3.1 always been lowkey meta but Excoundrel slaves will never learn…


Wp idris is lowkey broken he can kill you with one combo but there is only a handful of people who play it for some reason

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WP Idris is my fallback when Kensei is banned and I want a diver for bot lane.

I’ve traditionally been terrible at stutterstepping because my ping causes me to rubberband when it gets too intense :^). Characters with abilities to help stutterstep like Kensei or Vox are fine since their abilities seem to keep me chained to reality, but characters like Ringo are off the table. Not only that, but I prefer assassins and bruisers in most PvP games, so I usually go for a Melee bot laner if possible. Other than Kensei, the best WP divers bot lane are Blackfeather and more importantly Idris. Blackfeather just feels too much like a watered down Kensei for my taste, so I avoid using him unless it’s a really nice draft, but Idris on the other hand can strive against the top lane meta of turtling under tower.

  1. He has ranged poke. This helps put pressure onto picks like Cath who just want to farm under tower and scale.
  2. He has strong early waveclear, which lets him leave lane to grab jungle to gain a lead.
  3. He has good synergy with red buff.

After 6 minutes, by which point you SHOULD have a Sorrowblade, Idris gains even more advantages.

  1. You can poke using your A. Just casually dive under tower and slap them between tower shots. The speed + barrier makes this hard to punish.
  2. Your combos hurt. Using his ult, you can tower dive effectively and dominate picks like Adagio.
  3. Your roams are amazing. Buy travel boots, push out the wave and gank mid with your jungler. If you get red buff on top of having an instant blink and a high base damage ability that can hit multiple times, the enemy is guaranteed to pop a flask and/or die.

Later on you buy BP and PS/SM and scale up to become a beast. Casually whacking people over the head with 500 damage AAs (without stacking BP) if fun and enjoyable gameplay :tm:. In the current meta of everyone buying a god damn slumbering husk you can dive your target, ult when their husk is popped and then jump off them two seconds later to pretty much nuke them into another dimension.

WP Idris himself is pretty hard to play, considering the fact that if you mess up, you don’t have 2 CC immune dashes or a back dash + dash extension to keep you safe, but he’s very rewarding to play if you can learn him. Just don’t do it to the point he gets nerfed. All the nerfs to CP Idris weakened WP Idris too, especislly the 5 bit meme nerf.


They should in all honesty decrease the Ult WP ratio by 20% and make it so Idris is invulnerable when jumping in and out. Would make him feel a lot better to play.

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What order do you build them? I did a game and got destroyed - top lane, against Ringo.
I built Sorrowblade first, then BP, then TT. I think I did it wrong.

Toplane is a bad spot for Idris.
I actually build several t1 items into two heavy blades with two swift shooters (a mess) but I did come online quickly and dealt a ton of damage…

I was jungle Idris. Ganked a lot of lanes and past lane phase I cleared all of our lanes threatened by minions which netted me a lot of cs quickly. You can push turrets left and right when you are not locked in a lane like with top.

Well there’s my problem lol.

Do you suggest two heavy blades as opposed to rushing sorrowblade? (To advance the build like that)
It does make sense to do that.

Getting the perk up is most important. Sorrowblade doesn’t give any additional bonuses so why not build the required wp through multiple items?

Unlike other t3 items it doesn’t add passives etc…

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I think Idris is sleeper OP right now… especially in bottom lane where he quickly counters most of the meta top laners (try playing Adagio into him after 5/6 minutes, it’s incredible hard given how slow Adagio is).

He’s that good that I’ve decided to start practicing him (I’ve never really see him) in casual so tha I can perfect those combos.

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Your playing him in the wrong lane, think about it for a sec:

1 - your likely to be outranged by the enemy.
2 - you’ll be facing two of them (jungle and laner)
3 - your squishy
4 - you take time to come online

He’s a horrible top lane choice you should really be choosing a tank like Adagio, Catherine, Ardan etc. In fact don’t play top lane aggressively, you should be turtlling up and delaying the inevitable.

Bottom lane however a fed idris is a damn nuisance.

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Don’t worry about combos. His chakram helps him stack a bit faster but not that fast. Your aim should be lurking in the grasses and revealing yourself in such a manner that the enemy team groups up. You use your blink then chakram and ult on them. When the chakram passes like once you pop off and have like a ton of stacks. You begin to delete people with AA’s. You don’t want to stick for too long because then squishies are gonna start backing off. Literally just played an Idris game and it was mad easy. Best part about Idris is that he has a secret: He can blink through Ardan Gauntlet and Lyra Bulwark. Similar to Anka except his is a lot harder to do…

Yeah I know that, when 5v5 first came out though Idris appeared to be working for me top lane, then I stopped using him for a while. lol

(New o the forum so I have no idea what WP is so might be talking about something else) I play mainly as Idris, Koshka and Kestrel and I can say from experience that Idris is awfully good if you can play as him, he has his weaknesses and strengths. And I think he should stay the way he is, I can kill him and I can kill as him :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wp refers to weapon Power.

Hi welcome, glad to see you participate and yea Idris can be really strong indeed.

I have an update on my experience: Nothing. I will try him out when I get around to playing VG, in jungle not lane.

But I do suck at 5v5 Jungle so any tips are appreciated. Just could never grasp it.

My hero performance with WP Idris is 54, no one else even comes close to this. Enough said.