WP Baptiste

What makes WP Baptiste a strong pick in 5v5 jungle? In 3v3 he wasn’t meta, what makes him good in 5v5?

Why is he a strong jungle pick? Isnt he a strong top lane pick?

Idk, according to Ttigers he is good in jungle. I have no idea, thats why I’m asking

According to gabe, sawport>support so pls :stuck_out_tongue:

Sawport IS greater than support. What are you on about.

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ehh, tbh the pros make everything work. WP baptiste is situational. You dont pick wp baptiste into saw, gwen etc. A bf/glaive is much better. He has sustain but hes really weak only cos he doesnt have gap closers and cant land enough basic attacks unless his opps are melee.

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In 3v3 its easy to get countered and just lose. He loses so easily to many heroes in an expected confrontation. In 5v5 he has a chance to pursue his good matchup, helping his team get ahead. He sucks as a laner. His waveclear is so weak, and he is vulnerable to poke like the rest. He doesn’t even have mobility to split push. No, he is better in jungle.

As a jungler I suggest PS BP and then whatever damage feels appropriate. I like throwing a SB and a TT or TM into the mix but that’s me. I could easily see him replacing the third offense with a Shiversteel. If you manage to rush your offensive items you can hit hard for a while before transitioning to a tank build.

Your strength as Baptiste is some sustain with defensive/offensive CC. You actually do really well in the midgame ganking lanes if you have good target focus and pick opportune times to attack - you do a surprising amount of damage even to say, Skye. However, your opponents will outscale you come late Game, and because of clustered team fights you cannot accordingly just run at people. Your role transitions to that of a defensive jungler or chain CC. Either works well, but you absolutely need to remember you occupy the no mans land between burst and sustain. You will win many protracted 1v1s but you are not at all tanky, naturally.

If you do WP Baptists well you will really pis$ off the enemy team and they will rotate specifically to counter you. Team fights, expect to be the center of attention even if you aren’t comitting to an engage. So don’t tilt or you will lose your team the game.

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I think it is because there are 2 more lanes to gank and he can provide utility as a jungler with his stun and fear. He falls off late game unlike cp baptiste who stays relevant late game too, in late game teamfights he is similar to krul or glaive by being a nuisance who can’t be easily ignored. He hits hard with PS BP when empowered and can ride the mid game powerspike to a snowball.

I really feel they need to change his perk where his healing increases with cp. Instead they could make it increase with wp making him a wp sustain or a cp poker.

His healing is good as it is. SF buffs hit in combat healing hard so most heals don’t reach ridiculous levels unless you have no mortal wounds in the team

Atm his healing has a cp ratio. Basically a cp baptiste heals more than a wp baptiste. A wp baptiste healing more makes more sense.

CP Baptiste never falls of so CP>WP.
WP Baptiste requires enemies to fall for ordain to connect properly. He lacks the poke that CP has


Leave him alone, CP masterrace…


I broadly agree with this - he is a strong counter pick to some melee heroes when built this way largely because of his built in damage amp.

We actually used him in lane as WP Baptiste in 3v3 to counter WP Idris when WP Idris was thought to be OP so its kinda nice to see everyone catching up :wink:


play him sometimes in br pretty decent.

He has built in sustain, and his empowered attacks hit like a truck!! Throw in his slow his CC B ability and his kit and he is a monster helping to gank enemy laners with huge burst potential.

Watched VONC literally carry his entire team in a 5v5 match; you want to build crit on him along with a BP, when his empowered attack start landing they’re a nuisance as they provide 25% bonus DMG!! VONC used a TB as well for the additional burst DMG upfront, you time this right and you’ve got the TB proc plus 25% empowered attacks for a period of time, that’s huge potential.

35% empowered attacks. Building attack speed shrinks the downtime for Reap. He already has high base WP damage.

He is a pain to deal with CP or WP. A WP hero with a ranged slow, ranged stun, sustain, 35% WP ratio, and disengage is a lot.

I stand corrected :smile: but my point is people tend to overlook the empowered attacks. As a CP hero he might just about manage to land two As dependent on cooldown during this period. But as WP melee monster your landing numerous attacks whilst critical hitting as well.

Cause early ganking potential, wp baptiste deals direct upfront damage with his empowered basic attacks and if you ordain someone you’re guaranteed to land them and pull off the gank. Cp baptiste is a mage, yes the damage of the empowered mojos hurts a lot but you will not land more than 1 before level 8 and that might not be enough to pull off the gank, basically what tigers says is that junglers in 5v5 need to have a direct impact they can’t be ranged heroes like in 3v3.

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I exclusively use Baptiste as roam or jungle, I never lane with him. That being said, I don’t WP him at all. I could see why it’d be viable, but I couldn’t be cosy with it.