WP Ardan in 3.10, In-depth look at the 'NERFS'

Hi, I’m Utkucannn and I have 1800+ overall and 1300+ 5v5 ranked games on Ardan.

This post is a comparison between Off-role WP Ardan before and after the 3.10 nerfs, because i’ve seen alot comments saying that WP Ardan would be dead after the 3.10 patch.

Let’s take a look at the nerfs:


Vengeance per Hit

    15% → 5%

At first i thought that this would be an immense Nerf, because now you’ll have to autoattack 3 x more then usually to get full Vengeance.

Why is Vengeance so important?

Everytime Ardan fills up his Vengeance bar, he can use his 2nd ability Blood for Blood and as this being his mainly dmg output, you’ll want to spam this ability as much as u can in fights.


Using this ability on himself doesn't generate Vengeance anymore. <---- Again huge nerf on Vengeance


50/100/150/200/250 → 60/100/140/180/220 <------ this is a nerf that doesnt really affect Ardan, as Vanguard is mainly used for gap-closing or engages and disengages in general.


17/16/15/14/13 → 17/16/15/14/12 <---- no really mentionable change in gameplay


8/8/8/8/9 → 7/7/7/7/9 <---- HUGE change in gameplay untill overdrive



    60/100/140/180/260 → 60/120/180/240/360 <--- buff

Damage bonus in %

    40% → 15% <----- seems much, but with the Tension Bow buff doesnt affect Ardans Dmg that much


    24 → 20/19/18/17/16 <---- buff, to match the Vengeance nerf in general i assume


    7/7/7/7/9 → 7 <------ this has a TREMENDOUS affect on gameplay, for example: you can no longer steal Ghostwing/Blackclaw over the wall!



    130/120/110 → 120/110/100 <-- buff


    4/5/6 → 6 <-- buff

Stun duration

    1/1/1 → 0.6/0.9/1.2 <--- meh, who cares?

So in conclusion: Yes Ardan did get nerfed, which I’ve seen coming, because more and more people started playing him WP and he was (kinda) OP, but these “nerfs” didnt kill WP Ardan and surely they wont stop an Ardan veteran like me from playing him off-role.

If you can adopt to the changes and know the capabilities of your hero these changes won´t affect your gameplay much.

All these games were after patch 3.10, ofcourse i had games were i lost with Ardan but this Image should demonstrate that he is still playable and still a big threat to those who dont bother buying defence items ;>

That’s why you ban Ardan in the enemy team lol

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6 games 2 deaths , that’s op
I think semc Devs are nerfing roam heroes carefully which I appreciate , they used to butcher them without thinking about the captains feelings and opinions .

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I mean, I don’t really agree that if you know how to play the hero these changes shouldn’t matter. He is objectively weaker, you will blood for blood less, and deal less damage when you do. The primary thing is the reduced ranged BFB, no matter how well you position it will negatively effects your gameplay. I personally don’t think WP Ardan is very viable anymore, sure if you are a master at him you can probably still win games, but that is true of any hero, assuming equal skill he tends to be a fairly poor pick now, losing a lot of his ability to just chunk down people.

Now tank utility Ardan with Pulseweave? That’s a good Ardan non captain build with patch.

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Yeah that KDA is insane