WP Adagio a monster or a weakling?

I always considered wp adagio a bad joke.

Today I was messing around a bit and thought to myself Spellsword is made for him.

Double spellsword+tt/bp with a lot of hp to enable healing/sustain. You will have no energy issues, you attack like a carry and still have an okay heal.

What would the best WP adagio build be?

Ssw Ssw BP tt crucible WT

SB Ssw BP TT aegis JB

Ssw Ssw Ssw TT Crucible WT

Ssw TM TM TT def boots.

How viable is he and what would be your go to build?

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Not sure since I didnt test WP Adagio this update YET, but the builds I always use are:

1st Build:
Breaking Point
Tyrant’s Monocle
Metal Jacket
Journey Boots

2nd Build:
Breaking Point
Tension Bow
Metal Jacket
Journey Boots

I use these builds in Brawl Modes

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Monster early game but he falls off late. You gotta go balls to the wall with him early on then fall more into an assist role later.


That’s Adagio. He’s really good early game. Good laner too but he loses late game unless you’re a very good Adagio player.

You shouldn’t really be having energy issues with Adagio. I think you’ll be losing a lot of DMG by going SSW over SB, however the cooldown reduction for your empowered attacks would probably make up for this (like Ringo). Not played him much recently but I’d probably go TT over BP for the increased attack speed. If you wanted to stack health have you thought about a SS? Added benefit is the slow which can be a problem for Adagio (being very slow himself).

He is clearly an early game hero and you need to snowball early to make him viable, certainly an idea to pair him with a Koshka for a quick early snowball.

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Adagios gift of fire slows enemies when he casts it on himself. Shiver Steal is kinda a redundancy. Bone saw or TM would probably be a better pick.

True, just responding to OP thoughts on Stacking HP. Shiversteel gives you a lot of health and the added speed boost is useful, not suggesting it’s meta.

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The self cast is at melee range…
SS would be maximizing both his heal and his damage. building raw damage with SS and SH would work pretty well in combination with WT.

Ssw BP TM SH/TM SS WT could work well

SS won’t give Adagio more damage than a BS or TM or any other T3 WP item. Are we talking WP or support Adagio here?

Gift of fire already gives Adagio the utility of SS. Yes it’s at melee range, but he is a range character, he doesn’t need to stick but can.

There are also better health items if healing is the concern. However, you need to either load damage or healing. A wp / healing Adagio hybrid is a horrid idea because he’d suck at both damage and healing.