Worlds 2020 Finals

Be sure to watch the trailer!!! :eyes:

Today’s the day! Countdown show is live NOW, and the opening ceremony is only 30 minutes away!


On the English language analyst desk: Sjokz, Yamato, Froskurinn & Ender!

Ngl, the opening ceremony was not nearly as impressive as the previous two. K/DA’s appearance in particular was not well done. (True Damage last year was (1) longer and (2) better.) A major fail, imo, was the CG: rendering errors, haloes, and improper ground planes destroyed the AR illusion they were trying to create.

I’m sure the pandemic hurt their plans, but it was pretty disappointing for the 10th anniversary of Worlds, tbh.

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Interviewer Laure is absolutely stunning today!

And just like that, :lol_teams_damwongaming: take the early lead in the best of 5 series!

Bin gets a penta and :lol_teams_suning: even up the series 1-1!

And DWG win 3-1 to become world champs!

Canyon with the well-earned MVP selection!

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The most jarring thing for me was that the faces didn’t match up to all the advertisement and their own MV. Like the last two performances had their characters match up with the videos… why change it now.


Ahri somehow sang Eves part, and Kaisa broke her shoulder while dancing on later…

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