Wonderland Skin: White Rabbit Lyra

Uuuh the hird in this series, i know i said i would do grumpjaw but if he was mock turtle then literally all i would have to do is add tusks.

I felt that the White Rabbit would best fit with lyra because of the horns, pocket watch and teleportaion. also i barely draw people or dresses so i think it is good for my skill ;D

Horns replaced with bunny ears
Red hearts through attire
Ambrosius replaced with a pocket watch
white dress
rabbit foot slippers

a is her clock in the middle and the life is also shown as a big hand going around. when the hand reaches 12 again it will die (does faster the more its being used)
b shows time and phrases(i’m late) or is a giant clock
ult is 2 rabbit holes burrowing to each other
basic attacks are white or a light pretty blue


white queen varya i’ll try that next thanks for idea <3

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I like the giant stopwatch. Will it float around or Lyra has to carry it?
Also, I’m thinking maybe Koshka could have a skin in this series? Like, “Definitely-Not-Alice Koshka” skin. The idea is that Koshka was roaming around one day and sees the white rabbit(in this case, Lyra) carrying a shinny watch, waiting for Alice. But as you know, koshka loves shinny things so she starts to chase the rabbit. Then she accidentally falls into the rabbit hole, into the wonderland…
After series of events, Koshka killed jabberwocky and saves wonderland by accident…
But skin wise, you have to figure out the custom by yourself lol.
It would definitely be really cool to see this idea comes true.


Jabberwocky churnwalker anyone