Wonderland Skin: Chesire Flicker

chesire flicker

This is Flicker inspired by the CHesire Cat from the book Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol. he is a good author check him out.

i really don’t know what colours to make them, whether pink and purple, grey and blue or yellow and other yellow. im going more for the yellow one. so hsi head replaces his lantern when basic attacking and during the ult.whenwalking around on his feet he hold his head up high to see better. sometimes he walks on his hands and holds his head in his feet. when flying his head is on his neck and someitmes his body unrqavels.

effects: replace purple with gold/yellow
fill fairy dust with swirls and binding light with a spinning smile.
invisible cloud is a cats head with swirls for eyes and a big smile and it is spinning the opposite way the the eyes. the thing that hovers above people during mooncloak is a chesire smile.

when idling he juggles his head, unravels and re ravels and does wierd things

uuuh ithink a yellow and gold cat would be best i might do some more i have ideas but reccomandations are nice too. if you want i can write some lore


I love the detachable head idea. There’s so many possibilities for fun animations. I like the gold for abilities as well. Flicker though should be dark colored, like purple or blue. He does live in the dark, after all.


I agree with the purple especially a wonderland based one as the cat is a dark and light purple

Actually a Cheshire skin for Flicker is a solid and a perfect idea.
I was thinking a few days ago in this xd

In the first wonderland movie the cat is pink and purple as you said, but in the other one it is blue and grey, whereas in the book it is yellow and brown. THe book came first so i was thinking that. Maybe blue and gold would be a good colour except the blue is like a dark aqua. I don’t know, it is highly unlikely that this ski would enter the game anyway, not only because it has legendary level animations but also because there is only 1 fan-made skin in the game.

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Image result for cheshire cat

For those that are interested i plan on making a wonderland skin for kestrel see if you can guess what character it will be ;D

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Make it happen, SEMC. I’d love to see something like this. It would be pretty sick, if, when he used his ult, he didn’t totally disappear but was just the face, or maybe glowing stripes (that obviously only you and your team could see).


Honestly, this is the first thing that popped into my head from the first moment i used flicker… the similarity of the two characters is uncanny… I thought it was obvious to everyone?

I would definitely buy the skin.