Wonderland Skin: Blue Caterpillar Kestrel (EDITED you can look now)

I have redone her c: she looks much better. I was trying to go for the mad and twisted look i had for Cheshire flicker but she ended up looking like she knew where your children lived and no, they weren’t going to live much longer. Anyway i think she looks better than before. I’m not going to redo her again.

Kestrel hat with antennae instead of feathers
(Sort of) kestrel hair
Bow replaced with pipe
Isa blue ctaerpillar
Uuuh yeah

Since she has butterfly wings (this is wonderland it can happen) when stealthing you just see the wings with a smoke wisp for the body.
Mist trap is smoky when arming and mushroom when armed
Glimmershots fly around her head as smoke wisps (to show the charges)
Glimmershots are smoke
One shot one kill is a big SUCK and then blow for the damage
When having 5 adrenaline stacks her body lights up and the smoke changes colour

Smokes pipe
Does wiggle dancing
Curly-whirly ness

Uuuh yeah i think she’s better have i missed anything?


I hear you guys. ‘You can’t make kestrel a wonderland skin! No-one there uses arrows!’ Well now, do i have news for you!


You were right. I can’t it doesn’t look good. For those brave souls who looked and didn’t know what it was it’s the blue caterpillar. I just… I just can’t. Humanoid things are already hard enough to draw but making a caterpillar person? Reeeeee

But anyway here is the break down

Kestrel is now a blue caterpillar. (I tried my best i even restarted the whole thing okay pls no h8)

Her bow is replaced with her pipe. She smokes her glimmershots from her pipe. Yes. Her arrows are now grey smoke. In her b it is smokey until it arms and then it is a giant mushroom. While invincible kestrel is a beautiful purple butterfly. Kestrels lu is her inhaling while channeling and a exhale of smoke for the arrow. Uuuuhe she is wearing a jacket so she is not naked uwu.

Yes she is much worse than Cheshire flicker but I’m not going to stop. I have more ideas and they will see the light. I might re draw this at the end. Please don’t lie about how good it is, check out Cheshire flicker, and try and guess who grumpjaw is going to be.


I don’t see the image :((

30 chars…

i don’t think you want to…

Uuh, ok let me check what’s wrong

Ok i forgot to actually put the picture in. Check now in 1 minute if you really want to

Now Kestrel is a Thicc smurf but not in a good way :neutral_face:


@Pigstuffs why not try the queen of hearts or Alice herself?

I haven’t found anyone for Alice and there is a reason why I’m not doing the queen of hearts which is the same reason why i finally tipped these ideas out of my head and onto paper. I have been thinking of Cheshire flicker for quite while.

That is to say, i don’t have any effect ideas for Alice yet.

Here’s an idea - the blue butterfly that leads alice into the mirror…

Kestrels “bow” is no longer a bow… its the wings of the butterfly… Glimmer shots are “flaps” of the wing… one shot one kill will be a blue line… i duno what butterfly’s do have a curled up nose? make it come out of that…

You’re welcome :wink:

Can we get a white queen Varya

The thing that comes out of a butterflies nose is not coming from its nose at all. It is the butterflies tongue… i like your idea with her being a butterfly though. The problem is that that movie is not canon also that butterfly is the caterpillar I’m talking about lole.

I did queen of hearts Rona on the old forum and it looked pretty well :confused: and I planned to make cathrine the Alice but it never happened…

Here it is http://forums.vainglorygame.com/index.php?threads/108559/


liked not just for the art, but anyone who can track down anything from over 1.5 years ago on the old forums, is just amazing…

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I am actually disgusted by this. I will redraw her.

And yes i will draw white queen varya. But beware of nekogirls because the white queen is a cat in disguise.

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@Pigstuffs maybe varya switches to a swiftly cat during her dashes!


The art is better than I thought that could bleed my eye. Some one just need to make your idea become cool… #tag someone that do art and free enough

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I have redone the picture everyone this is a bump because i didn’t want to start a new thread

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IoH i didn’t realise the picture was wrong… click on it to see the full thing

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