Wonder if these changes are good for Mad Cannon

Mad Cannon for SAW WP recently has been quite lackluster and it doesn’t have enough ammunition for his CP path. So these are changes for him that will improve it by a bit
-Delay before firing is increased from 0.3s to 0.4s
-Extra damage based on %HP missing is CP but will change into WP upon buying 200 WP
-Extra damage based on %HP missing changed from 12% to 5% +0,2% CP +0,2% WP
-Now increase the basic attack range upon activation at the final rank by 0.3
-Now has infinite amount of ammo but each shot now consumes energy instead. Energy cost per shot: 175-150-125 -0,05% WP
-Now will deal the basic attacks’ damage in an AOE like Baron’s and upon the final rank the WP damage is also increased by 10%
So the overall point of these is to give CP SAW a reliable source of continuous damage while making the WP version not that useless and players consider buying a Spellsword for these changes

So I didn’t really read everything thoroughly, but I just saw this.
Basically, if I go DE+BM+Eve+CW+HC+def, not only will I have the cancerous A and B damage that he has right now, but I will also do damage with by autos because my ult will always be on since I will have stupid amounts of energy.

wait… so SAW is now Baron? Also, INFINITE AMMO???

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It costs energy to fire each shot to compensate for the infinite ammo part. But I’m gonna edit it now cuz the value sounds too OP

Gotta edit it to make it balance