Wombo Combos?

I saw a gameplay clip on Reddit showing a Skaarf and San Feng linking up their ults for a nice tasty, fire-roasted master’s lesson combo. Got me wondering if it was possible to link up Lyra’s portal to really surprise opponents with San Feng…

Turns out, it is! I’ve never used this in a real game (this is just practice to test it), and it would require a LOT of coordination, but it would be really awesome to see someone pull this off.

Does anyone have clips of other wombo combos (ideally being used in-game)?


I think Ardan and Lyra , you can teleport as Lyra and then Ardan ult to the teleport bubble which makes the gauntlet instant in the other side so the enemy trapped they don’t have time to run or cancel it .

I think the worst game I’ve been in because I was playing roam was against San feng and tony , I think they were in voice communication , stun taunt pull burst damage disengage , they have everything together , San feng B while tony taunt , San feng can ult if the ult blocked and get focused tony can just ult and save his friend , if you hit San feng while in his A you are dead they just going to lock you down .

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I have one that I go onabout a bit, because I really like it (I’ve had some destructive as hell teamfights with friends and even just with randoms):

Use Churny’s hooks to pull the whole enemy team close together, and then have Vox and Varya with Resonance + Chain lightning respectively to destroy them all. To quote a Lance voiceline: “Why hit one of you when I can hit all of you?”


Even though we lost, @Imanoob and I had a fun one as Baptiste and Yates. Bap’s stun --> Yates pull (triggers Bap’s stun) --> Yates B (stuns again).

I’ve had good experiences in early game bullying with a grump and Baptiste as double jungle or cap bap
With the ordain and grumpy they can’t really get away even if they wanted to which can lead to some good snowballs if you keep the pressure up (but this was also from quite a few patches ago so I’m not sure how well it works now)

One I’ve managed to pull off once was dropping Ardan’s gauntlet over San Feng ult, so that after SF stun, they all get ejected in the gauntlet for additional damage and longer stun.

Ylva’s and Ardan’s ults work together pretty nicely. If Ylva’s trap isn’t :vgitem_t2_reflexblock:’d, it’s a free setup for Ardan’s gauntlet and if it is, enemies will lose their way to get out of the gauntlet.

Confirmed, really awesome!