Woah Nani stream in about an hour what is this?

Suh doods so I am announcing the start of a test stream to see if I can handle streaming and if it can be stable enough currently. I especially want experienced VG streamers to come by to help me out if I do run into technical difficulties, but I want as many of you guys to join the stream! If you plan on joining make sure you’re watching this thread cause I’mma make a reply when I go live!

Twitch: twitch.tv/ninjabryden

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Alright my doods I am live right now. Gonna add a few finishing touches before showing some sick gameplay, so we can hang out in chat

EDIT: Delaying the stream airserver is being annoying

EDIT 2: Trying again

Successful stream. Air Server froze on me about 4 times and I had to cut off and restart my strem once. This’ll be fun to fix : '^)

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UPDATE: Realized I probably made a mistake using the microsoft store air server. I got a different one and will try again later due to slight mental fatigue


Also FlashX is more useful than Google. Thanks, fam!

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Moral of most computer stories Microsoft has never mastered anything only half assed most of everything they do

All they are apparently good for are OS’s (OSi?) and gaming consoles kek

Not even os’s or gaming consoles Windows XP was the last useable os and do I need to remind you of the red ring of death

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There’s also the fact that most current Xbox exclusive games either tanked or were trash.


Yeah, they don’t have $60 boxes of cardboard or BOY simulator 2018

Are you referring to trading card boxes? :thinking:

EDIT: NVM forgot Nintendo did that thing

Just remember Nintendo is the pioneer of vr