Woah I think I got my cap mojo back

The most recent Ardan match here was probably my most sweaty Ardan game ever. We were hella coordinated and snowballed effectively and efficiently after we early invaded. We also got capitalized VERY well on taking objectives when we could. 10/10 team which in turn made my Ardan just 10x more op! Been doing pretty well with cap recently tho kek. This is POA MM btw I’m POA gold atm in 5v5


I love playing captain rn, especially back line support like Lyra and Lorelai, makes me practice timing and rotating properly

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ayyy nj maybe you have or have not realized you beat a VGS smurf ;)) hope to see u on the fold i mean rise sometime soon

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Who may you be referring to :thinking:

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Well I assume the I love you player


HoldMySpitune, i dont smurf :triumph::triumph:

bro he isn’t one of those iLove(insert name) players but he’s pretty good regardless, didn’t even notice him xD

I enjoy playing captain on 3v3, but I can never deal with 5v5 as a captain. How do you keep track of all 10 players in the game? I focus on some players, and I miss my crucible from other players, etc.

Like that you got a super scout cam pack

Uo matter what crucible will always be not the best timing for some but as long as it is a good time for a good chunk it was worth it.

In big fights prioritize blocking aoe CC like Cath’s silence, Baptise’s fear. When its a 2v2 3v3 single target CC is more important to block