Wishlist for upcoming support hero

It’s pretty likely the next hero will be a utility, if not a dedicated captain. At least based on leaks, and what SEMC has been saying.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but supports always are the most exciting (and not just because I’m a captain main) because they tend to have the most distinct skillsets. Damage dealers all have the same end result to their endeavors: dealing damage. Captains can have a much wider scope to their abilities. No one aids in pursuit like Fortress, or offers the same map presence and catch potential of Yates, there are literally only 2 dedicated healers in the game. The potential for new mechanics, and combination of skillsets (even a melee healer at this point would feel really fresh. Ik grace ult, but that offers less sustain as much as protection of a single hero in fights) is endless, so here is my question to you all. What would you like to see in upcoming utility heroes?

I personally would really love to see a hero with damage amplification. I don’t really care what the rest of the the kit is, I think this is a mechanic that makes a lot of sense for a captain, and I’m honestly surprised it has not been done yet.

Adagio has damage amplification lol

No he does not. He has a base damage increase which he can give to other heroes. The issue is that a Ringo with his B won’t deal any more damage than adagio himself, in fact Adagio will deal more.

Any actual damage amplifying heroes would need the ability to augment allies damage somehow, otherwise it’s pretty much just moving damage around which really is not very compelling.


I was hoping for an adagio rework that makes his b a damage amp but a new hero having it would be better than nothing

I don’t know why I didn’t like the new heroes , Iam waiting the new captain to play again or new items .

Yea adagio’s B just gives a flat damage buff, not a damage amp as its not a percentage.

I would honestly like if the damage had a health ratio when cast on allies. That way he still has the solo trading potential that captain Adagio has always had early game, but it offers legitimate damage late game if used on the correct ally.

Would not mind nerfs to his healing to compensate for this at all.

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I dont really think his Healing would be hit since its single target and has a moderate CD. Maybe his ult.

Well, if what I mentioned was added without tuning to the rest of his kit, he would be pretty over powered. Lyra healing is single target too in the sense that each hero consumes the healing. Using it on multiple allies does not amplify the healing.

what would i like to see? The Anti - captain -

Perk - Any enemy in his vicinity will automatically be debuffed and ALL healing abilities work against them ( goes to the nearest ally instead of them, if nobody nearby - will damage them equal to the heal or to 1 health.)

Yes, i know it’s OP and i don’t care - i want it just to piss off Lyra.

Edit - to be clear - it would be a screen wide passive. About double the vision radius. and it will also effect ALL lifesteal abilities. Krul is dead.

Would you honestly like this to be added to the game? It could be balanced but like… it seems like it would ruin the game.

lol. it would be a nightmare to balance.

but i think it would be just something different and unique.

Also it’s a joke ( unless they really do it, then… ) :laughing:

Well, I agree the idea could be fun, but as a passive that requires no timing or management that’s just super toxic. I could see it working best as an overdrive for an existing ability, with a very short duration.