Win a rank daily quest

sorry for pixelate i use low quality to increase the fps xD
I got this quest today. Win a rank is it too hard for a normal quest?
But deeply. This quest will get somebody like me (Im not playing rank unless it decaying) to be active again and also less troll, because it will make player work harder for the quest.
I don’t know how rare this quest is but i think this quest need to be more common to make player more active.


I think you’ve misread it just a little bit. The quest is only to win a Ranked match (which will give you skill-tier progress), not that you have to gain a rank. :slight_smile:

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Oh sorry, you r right xD I will edit it.

No worries! It’d be pretty funny if you had to gain a whole rank though. Can you imagine grinding from 10b to 10s for a couple opals and 20 glory? :opaf:


I saw this quest, I go rank and win. When I really want to rank to improve the skill tier it wayyyyy opposite. So i quit ranking.

So like, a sunlight level?

ACTIVATE: 30-character minimum bypass


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This quest in particular is causing my rank to decay to nothing; because I no longer play ranked, and ought to hit the maximum decay, at some point.
Instead, I end up playing that one match for 35 Glory, 3 Opals and a talent I hate, and my rank will drop even further.

This got me thinking… what if…

if people who recently got LPQ and finally got out of LPQ… can ONLY do this quest… no other quest would be available to them… for about 6 quests in a row…

Essentially, forcing them to play well or not get any chest rewards. :grin:

So basically force afks to play well. I wish this game has a smart AI troll detector. So any kind of troll will get this quest too.

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Playing blizt actually triggers it as it’s name ranked (confirmed).

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This is great comedy. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: If only I had known that a month or two back.

Thanks a bunch for sharing, though!

Oh my god, I actually risk my life on 3v3 rank for a quest but forgot blitz rank is considered as rank xD