Will Celeste still be a strong mid lane carry in 3.4?

What about my poor boy Sam?
but I believe his perk will help a lot with the new build

Will he still be top mid lane and does celeste takes over as top mid laner now…

Sam? Well, he is pretty much useless if you have cc, so he remains c tier for me. Celeste is op, she’ll shine… Sam’s perk sometimes saves his ass, but he needs to get close an personal for it

Samuel was the midlaner with best laning phase. Sustain, range, damage he has everything. A 5 CP ratio reduction would hardly hurt him.


agree, samuel is honestly A/S tier. a good samuel can position well to stay in a fight for long even w/o a reflex block, and the lvl2 powerspike is undoubtedly the best.

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Sam is kinda weird. Somebody said that he’s good and I respect their opinion but for me, … he’s kinda weird. He doesn’t deal that much damage like Celeste and also doesn’t have the range, the CC and the tap-and-dead effect of her skills. He can only substain his life.

He does tho in late game. Sam is more about crowd control so you can burst the group instead of one. So you are actually target the group health which is a lot

His empowered shots have a longer range than celeste


Sam? C tier? Er i think not …


Sam is elusive as Skye, does huge AOE dmg and apply MW as Celeste, long ranged like Skaarf, sustain in lane like Baptise, his ult makes their team waste a Crucible… What more can I ask for a C-tier mid laner?

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Oh, slow or stun him and he won’t be as evasive anymore. Skye does the job of Samuel better than him

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did you put any thought into that title? no context, no research. and proceed to talk about Samuel.

They din’t even touch Celeste.
Samuel got a 5% reduction in his crystal power amp… which i really don’t like, but I’m trying really hard to take a subjective view and not talk about it until at least the update drops.

Samuel’s win rate doesn’t warrant such a nerf… Even if he is a top pick Meta, he ain’t winning any trophy’s… still, with a few item reworks, this nerf might not be so bad.

I imagine him to be good if you build him with a Frostburn, otherwise C tier. Celeste deals tons of damage, even to targets with aegis. Item reworks won’t be very significant I think

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If you think you’re not doing enough damage. That means you’re not using him right

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But are they that much of a guaranteed hit? I don’t think so man.

nobody use’s him right. Not even the Pro’s. He’s such a troublesome hero to use and they nerf him because, “3 well directed empowered Malice and Verdicts can melt a carry”…

WELL DUH. Don’t get hit by them~!.. Anyone who can Land 3 (which equals 6) MV’s in a row DESERVES the KILL. and the idiot who doesn’t evade them deserves to die!


I want the thread to comapre between sam and celeste lol…

Edited the title… and don’t change the title of someone else thread :slight_smile:

Just tell me and I will edit…

If you need frostburn to slow an enemy. That means you are weak are targeting the enemies with MV. Lol

I rather use that slot for a stronger cp or better cooldown

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Frostburn is not used for aiming. At least not only.

ok. let me break down your english for you. “still” - means there was a change. there wasn’t.

Very misleading. A better title would be. How does Sam compare with Celeste as a midLane carry in 3.4

“It’s called a skillshot, you should try it some time.”

just bc its not guaranteed doesnt make it not strong. kes relies on skillshots too but shes one of, if not THE best botlaners and even jungler

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