Why the hell is this in Salt mine?

This f*cking company. Had so many network disconnects, can’t reconnect, match-starting disconnects in the last week … now on 5 times 10 min LPQ. I haven’t AFKd or dodged ONCE. I swear to God semc thinks paying customers are it’s number one enemy; that’s how they act anyway. OK done with the paying part. They don’t get one more cent from me. Not that it willatter long with the game dying as it is.

When semc closes it’s doors - an inevitably at this point - their death will be 100% from self-inflicted wounds. I’ve never in my life experienced a company that is so profoundly anti-customer.


Even the bloody LPQ gets disconnects! Can’t actually clear it because the game being connected for 10 minutes is currently impossible. I guess it’s really time to look for a new game.


What the hell MODs. Semc screw with me and you put it in the salt mine. What the hell are you thinking?


I moved it because it’s ranting and has nothing to do with UI/UX design, which was the topic of the original post.


Figured out how LPQ works. If there is even the slightest disconnect while it’s running, it will just stay in Finding Match forever. And not count the ten minutes you waited. You can’t even press Cancel, have to close app and start again.

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I’m obviously angry. It’s also obviously a legitimate complaint. Move it to a proper place please.


Oh and when the LPQ system craps out and runs forever … it considers it a Dodge and increases your LPQ penalty. Brilliant.

It’s where it belongs, imo. There’s nothing constructive about this series of posts – you’re just ranting because you’re mad.

That’s what Salt Mine is for.


Got to agree this sounds like an angry rant… it’s hardly SEMC’s problem if you’ve got a poor connection to their servers (understand SEA is a problem area).

Game indicates what your ping is before entering a match so if it’s lwging around all over the place it’s probbaly not long to be an enjoyable experience for you or your team.


I think you need another category: The Furnace. A place for ranting.

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Had zero bad ping warnings. It’s disconnects (which we all know the game code cannot handle) not latency. I fail to see how it ISN’T semc’s fault when the y punish users for suffering their shoddy network code.

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Which server are you on?

I’d say if this was a common event for all users then its SEMC fault but since you’re the only person complaining about the problem the issue is probably localised… to you!!!

I will say that match maker does have a bug, I when I see that the estimated game time matches my waiting time I tend to stop (close app) and reboot usually get a match in 2/3 minutes at T9.

He’s in the Salty SEA. The one and only time i’ve played with him was a Battle Royale wayy back in patch 2.1

I had LPQ and probably got teamed up with him also in LPQ. Find another game mate. or hobby. or sport. It’s a big world out there.

Unsympathetic? If that was the case we wouldn’t even read your salt. Take a few deep breaths and relax it is just a game no need to tilt more than a fat lonely kid on a seesaw


Sorry we hurt your fragile ego, but the reason why some of us are unsympathetic is because you fling insults at the slightest provocation.
But considering the fact that you’re saying that you’re leaving this forum simply because your contstructive and detailed post was moved to the salt mine, good riddance.


Administrative action has been taken. Let’s close this topic.


The salt mine is a form of user shaming. It’s unprofessional, toxic, and abusive. If a post really doesn’t fit the forum criteria it should be erased rather than mocked, which is ultimately what the salt mine is if posts are moved their against the user’s consent.

I don’t think you understand what the Salt Mine category is for.

There was no intent to “shame” anyone, and I have a major issue with you charging me with being “unprofessional, toxic, and abusive.”

The posts that I moved were moved because (1) they had literally nothing to do with the topic of the original post and (2) they consisted of complaining about an entirely separate issue in terms which provided no constructive criticism at all.


The salt mine is for angry salty posts be at semc or other players it is a way to let off steam. Now a constructive post will nevery be moved but a tilted post will.

Not a way to make a constuctive post anywhere we aren’t 4chan.

Did you ever talk to support about this and figure out if it was a problem on yours or your isp’s part?


It does intend to shame and demean. Lawlz, it’s an entire category meant to mock people for their grief in the game.

The term “salt” was used to mock people’s grief.

I love drinking the delicious tears of butthurt crybabies as well, but to actually have an institutionalized method of doing so is an abuse of administrative power and definitely undermines the intergrity and good taste of the forums.