Why so much hate to SEMC?

The Vainglory comunnity is slowly becoming the developer’s worst nightmare: Toxic.

Why you may ask, well, let’s start by the main reason why everyone hates SEMC right now. Joysticks

“Joe steec ex bed smmc delet”
“venglere ez ded lel”
“whas necs? pey 2 wen?”

The only reason I play vainglory is because the touch controls. Joysticks are really hard to use for me because how imprecise they are, but I don’t have any complains about them in the next update. No, I’m not going to excuse the joysticks by saying that they will be optional, but WHY do you hate them? Will you have to use them? Are you afraid of teammates with joysticks in your team? If so, welcome to the club of losers who think that the game will attract more people by introducing a control scheme that has been implemented in almost every moba, and that didn’t read at all the “experimental” part. Like yeah, it would be a pain in the 4ss having an skye player that uses joystick, but with enough messages the developers will respond, as they always do.

Now let’s talk directly about the hate towards SEMC. Before the joystick thing, Malene was announced. When she came out along with her spotlight people were happy because we had a new hero!
Now let’s look at the new yasuo wannabe. Since the joystick bull crap people have been blaming in social media SEMC for being unoriginal with this guy because he just looks ‘lame’ and that they are modeling heroes with joysticks as their main control scheme. I’m pretty sure that if SEMC didn’t announce the joystick thing everyone would be hyped af for this alpha/taka like dude. Instead, everyone is crying like babies because “joe stips r guin 2 ruin the gaem”. If people only complained on thing related to the joystick I would not have made this on first place.

This is yet another post complaining about the community’s reaction to the joystick controls announcement. If you want to talk about the controls and their pros and cons, there are multiple topics in which to do so. Bashing the community isn’t helpful to anyone.

Closing this topic.