Why reim so weak

I tried reim cause I like ice heroes but like wtf ,he can’t do anything he gets deleted by melee heroes… don’t get me started on ranged it got so bad I tried all defense just so I won’t die bro I still died…tried all damage it was cool unless they attack me first or I’m by myself I get tested…I like CC and ice but he reim probably just trash… ANYONE GOT ANY TIPS for him?

P.S. I think semc need to make new ice mage with abilities like Samuel

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I haven’t seen anyone play a good Reim in a long, long time. Not in 5v5 anyway.
His fortified heath is capped at 25% of Max health, so Maybe support Reim? Health items like Pulseweave, Rooks Decree and Capacitor Plate.
Get Eve and don’t miss.
Get Journey Boots for extra mobility. He’s so slow.
Probably get a Crucible / Aegis since you’re going to be the front line.

Play Ice skaarf? or Ice Vox? winter skin Anka? lol… that’s the only way you’ll get “ice” like abilities other than Reim.


Reim counters melee heroes for your information but he’s countered by range and in 5v5 there is at least 2 ranged carries that deal heavy damage which are the mid and bot laner. Frostburn also makes his life a nightmare and its a decent item on mid laners right now and if the enemy has at least one reliable stun or disengage tool which they usually do, reim is basically wortheless. Reim is not bad as a hero he probably recks shit in 3v3 but the 5v5 meta just doesn’t suit him at all.


As others said, reim is good in 3vs3… his kit was designed for two dmg dealers(and smaller map) not 4 and didn’t translate well to 5vs5.


Man…that sucks he not even tanky no more like at all… Even in 3v3 he gets rekt


Reim shouldnt be slowed by frostburn. After all he is an ice mage. Its his element. Maybe it should give him speed boost unlike other heroes? stuck_out_tongue:

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Should just make new ice hero with massive zone control more than samuel

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With the PS/SF meta, A glaive can easily kill a reim. Earlier reim could take damage from 2 heroes and still have a chance of 1v2. Now with a glaive/alpha/rona + any hero, reim has no chance.

yeh, I did some math on maximum fortified health and even with the extra health items giving an extra 1750 HP, it still turns out the be

450 + 600 + 700 + 2499 (base health at level 12) = 4249 Max health

25% of that would be 849.8 fortified health. which would mean 2 critical hits would eliminate his fortified health completely. Some heroes can even get 800+ critical hit with just one AA.

So what made him tanky before is no longer his strong point since he got capped at 25% max health.


reims basic attacks don’t generate fortified health which means your onyl wayto get fortified health is for people to stand in your spires. this makes him less tanky.

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When did that happen?

I tried two rounds of WP Reim, recently, and it was so, so bad. I figured something about his fortified health had changed, but didn’t realize it was capped that way now.

I honestly can’t remember. I think back in 3.2

But yeah… Anyone find a viable Reim build?

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There is something wrong with reim , I even asked @Nivmett about it in his AMA thread and he didn’t answer , I think he is very slow in generating fortified health and I don’t know why , it could be a change after they gave him move speed ?! , he can’t survive like before , he can get bursted down easy before he even get a little fortified health , that’s why right now everything can kill reim honestly , but he is still strong the first few minutes because basically everyone else weak .

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Yeah, see, that was my impression, too! WP Reim used to accumulate fortified health so quickly, due to rapid AAs… but now it’s barely noticeable. Other WP heroes can just auto right through it.

Lol, reim is shit in 3v3, even melee heroes melt him.

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Thats a lie, read his heroic perk.

Dunno, played 3vs3 only before the 5vs5 release. He was strong back then and for sure now it’s better than in 5vs5, even if still weak.

He is weak AF right now. There is no reason to use him, even melee heroes kill him.

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Reim’s basic attacks dont generate fort health anymore, only the dot damage from his perk does, and that pretty much means he can generate almost no fortified health.


I see, didn’t know they removed the basic attack fh… this basically kills him in any mode.