Why rank skin quality very bad ?why I don't play rank

I’m so disappointed in rank season skins in VG
only yellow model

I don’t play rank in VG coz there no point for me to play (no rewards)

Ml season 12 skin pretty dope entrance and good model I feel motivated to play unlike VG

I play VG when I bored from ML
I usually play Ringo full dmg it’s So fun unless enemy have Magnus

My build
SB+TM+TM+PS+BP+TB no boots coz he have move speed on B

I got many pentakills like 25 with these build

I only play Ringo and Rona (old main)

I think the (biggest) problem with ranked is not the lack of rewards (i mean, It is one of the problems, but not the biggest one). For me the main one is the terrible experience It offers: not only the quality of the matches doesnt go up but the queues become drastically longer, so climbing makes you stay more in queue than actually playing. Also the heroes you see the higher you climb have less and less variety to the point matches start to feel the same.

Ofc good skins would be nice.

I agree with you

They should do something to expand player base to reduce queue times .

I mean when I play match in VG 5min wait or 10min based on dodge and 20min match .

30min= I can play 3 rank game in ML or 2 games and aram.

Yeah a good step in the right direction is to actually punish dodging. I can dodge 5 times in a week and not get lpq. Semc practically removed the system