Why Life As A Ranking Roam Is So Maddeningly Inconsistent

Hey all. So I’ve been away from forums for a few days, but I took a couple day break from Vainglory altogether. I’m stuck in T9 on two different accounts because I am unable to push any farther. No matter how hard I carry, I always seem to be stuck with a ridiculously inconsistent matchmaker.

Now, I’m not salty. However, I want to call attention to my last two matches after not playing for a while. They both feature me roaming Lyra, with practically the same build against similar team comps. These two screenshots, in essence, capture just how infuriatingly inconsistent it is to roam. Anyone having any luck roaming? I guess I could try to jungle to hard carry games but I find roam so much more interesting

I seem to usually win when using adagio:
Start with Oak and Shield: build towards renewal
Get boots and armor when needed.(build it up as a side thing)
Get crucible next. Then get War Treads.(More HP lol.)
Then start building towards aftershock for damage.(It works)
And maybe while build towards aftershock get more health if you want more burst heal.
For energy you must use his A + Perk.(Early Game especially, attack minions that are on fire) Use your great burst heal on allies, it will help a ton on squishy heros. When using it on yourself, you slow enemies for a little bit-make use of that.

Build: War Treads, Fountain, Crucible, Metal Jacket/Altas, Aftershock, and one more health item: Usually Gauntlet or Shiversteel. for me.

But I’m T6 right now, I don’t know if it would work at higher tiers.

Here’s my last Adagio match. This is the super-basic build that I usually use with him. I personally prefer CW to the other health item.

Any particular reason for AS over SG?

It’s not about the position you choose to play, it’s the matchmaker inconsistence. I have 62% wins as a roam, 59% as a carry (still didn’t play ranked as a jungler). I am also at poa right now and climbing towards my rank (t9g-t10b as soloq). Sometimes I get t5-t7 in my games, other times I get fair games and a lot of times I get pro players t10 gold known names… and this when my team is all around the board in skill.

Noone can’t predict what the matchmaker will have stored for you in the given game to prepare himself haha
They even started to hide the nicknames in the selection (before you have the option to check who you play against, now you see just enemy X). I guess to mitigate the dodge + counter player pick in the higher levels (i.e. player X is good with that hero, we will ban him).

Dunno, but the problem is not with the position you choose, it’s in the matchmaker.


Why don’t you have any damage on your captain? A clockwork and some CP make a huge difference and that will help you seal kills that might get away.

I tried 3v3 today again and I had two horrible matches where I had to solo or duo carry with dead weight allies #blamethematchmaker.

However I was able to carry with Lyra while keeping my allies alive.

While Metal jacket looks good what does it do for you? Does it improve your healing? Your damage? Your cooldown? It is not worth the slot.

In this particular match I picked up spellfire to ruin Rona.

Low ranked in 3v3 poa silver in 5v5…

I do have a lot of succes as captain.


I generally fill, so I end up playing Roam a lot. And yes it is horribly inconsistent, but one tactic I have (it doesn’t work 100% of the time, but more often than not, it does) is, if you’re losing because of crap teammates, build one or two offensive items. You can go AS + AC (or any crystal item tbh) on Adagio, or TB + SB on Lance, etc. keep the rest of your build defensive, try to limit it to what’s necessary for the matchup (don’t buy crucible if they have no CC, don’t buy Pauldron if they have no dps heroes, don’t buy superscout unless they have stealth) so that you have space for the offence. Basically, make yourself a one-man army.

On Adagio, I tend to go for Crucible first (unless it is completely useless in the matchup) simply because +700 health provides a nice bit of burst heal early game, and because of the price, you can pick it up quite a bit earlier than fountain.
Also, I generally pick Clockwork or AC, altho now that you mention it AS might be a good idea.

I was trying out Xenotek’s Lyra build I saw a few days ago. The echo and health stack make it so I have 2.5 fountains. In the first of those games, the only reason I built MJ was because of the Ringo messing me up. The second was going to be an AP for Saw. Usually I have damage

Clockwork works like that too but where Echo is on a large CD, CW keeps on coming and keeps triggering if You stay fighting.

Both A and B trigger CW and all elements of CW synchronize with Lyra.

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I love and almost always build CW on lyra(67% win rate at poa with her in 5vs5). Prefer it over echo, for me it brings more value.
Also it’s a great choice on grace too, combined with her autos cooldown reduction. You can spam A, B and C like no tomorrow. While with echo I will have the classical double C, but that one I will have most likely twice in fight too while providing a lot more stuns, pressure and shielding for my teammates.

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Aftershock is cheaper: I mainly use the ult for stun and good early game damage. You can get aftershock sooner in the game and I find it works really well on taking down squishy heros, and it makes adagio more of a threat. (In case of a 1v1) They are nerfing if though, in a couple updates it might not be worth using. Also it has a cool down reduction and my build doesn’t use a clockwork. (It relies heavily on his perk and huge burst heal)

Or: How I Learned to Love the Solo Queue

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Hmm just played adiago roam and somehow my midlaner was never in midlane until i pushed phinn and grace

oh how i would love to rank with you

Personally I find Adagio to be a terrible roamed far better to play him top lane. He is very slow, has very little peel for his team against the dive heavy comps and they’re are frankly better options (Lyra,Ardan,Grace)…

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I agree, I’m a tier 9s at the moment and my experience is everything from VG silvers down to tier 7 bronzes… I can make for a frustrating experience, especially vs lower level players who don’t understand game mechanics etc.

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Roaming is pretty inconsistent, sometimes I literally have nothing to do (my teammates are all carrying me) and sometimes I literally wish I was I could be at all 3 lanes at the same time since none of the laners can hold their lane. Half of it is my own skill but matches like that really make me doubt the matchmaker

As a roam you need 3 compentant carries and a competent jungler if you don’t have that you really are in trouble. The mmr can’t always find the perfect set up as vg doesn’t have enough players at all times if semc ramps up on marketing and fixing issues that are longstanding the mmr would eventually level out to giving you a true matchup. You hear so many complaints about the mmr needing to be fixed but it’s problems are just side effects of the underlying issues

I need 2 competent players besides myself to win a game as captain. Any two will do…

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